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I, according to her imagination, must see everything, all the details.
Mistress pulls my long-suffering head off the floor by the hair and tells me to keep her up.
Mini phalluses rested in her crotch.
She, massaging her wonderful holes with one hand, with the other she inserts one strap-on into the anus, the second – into the vagina and rotates and smoothly moves the pelvis, taking a deep seat on the heels, more precisely on the heel phalli.
As she did it all beautifully, both sweet holes took in these sex toys.

Strongly sitting on his heels, having driven two small “members” deeper, the Mistress understands by the hair even higher my head and pinches my nose.
The mouth instantly opens and a strapon is driven into it by the movement of the pubis.
Not a single word, no order, she simply does not allow me to come to her senses by her actions, rigidly dictating her will.
Total Femdom.
Swaying in heels, she starts to fuck my mouth.
When her pubis goes forward, the phalluses from behind slightly come out and again penetrate deep into the vagina and anus on the reverse movement.

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After a while, she is already entering an orgasm pouring into her body.
The juices of the anus and the vagina make the movements of the phallus soft and gliding.
And the strap-on is thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth, to the glands, it fucks me, with movements from top to bottom and bottom to top, turning the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise.
So squatting at my head with the vagina and anus expiring from passion and phaloss. Mrs. enters another prolonged orgasm! There is! With moans she shakes in his fire! When she calms down, I am told to roll onto her back and consistently and carefully suck both her phallus spurs, which gave her pleasure.
They licked by me, I could not help it and licked cool heels and sole.
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