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From the hole seemed a shiny droplet.
– Mmmm.
How lovely! – And I slapped the member again with my hand this time.
– What, not so painful? Should I fix the miss? “No,” the captain rasped.
– Okay, okay, you do not want to surrender, why are you mocked? – Of course I do not want.
– I held the tongue on the lips, at the same time caressing a member, rubbing on it allocated lubricant.
– You fucked me so much that the bones cracked.
Little revenge.
I don’t deserve her? I leaned toward the penis and touched the head with the tongue.
Lusio twisted, tried to move his hips, so that his dick entered my mouth deeper.
However, I easily held him and pulled away.
– What? Light caress is not enough? – Bess! Just do it! – Yes-ah? – I raised one eyebrow.
– Like this? I bent again and, making a tight little ring out of my lips, I planted my mouth almost to the base of my penis so that the head poked into my throat.
– Ooooh! Do it again! – Do you really want this? – Oh yeah! – Well, it means, do you mind if I continue my games? – speaking, I lightly touched the swollen head with my lips.
– Of course, the little mischievous girl! – You asked for it yourself! Hope you like it too.
I bit my head with my teeth and slowly began to squeeze them.
Then she straightened. “Continue?” – I smiled slyly, kneeling in front of the cap and slowly caressing his penis with my hand and watching the male face distort with pain.
– Damn you, bitch! Of course, I want you to continue one and not continue another! – Well no! Or together, or no way! You can lie down to think.

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– with these words I got up, with pleasure watching the gamut of alternating expressions on Lusio’s face, and only now I found out that Mali is sitting on the other side of the captain and looking at everything that happens, occasionally licking her plump lips with her tongue.

She looked up at me plaintively: “Bess

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If you don’t want to torture him anymore.
I sighed with displeasure and shoved the captain’s body to the floor.
– You’re lucky, cap, you have no idea how lucky.
Putting my knees on both sides of the captain’s head, I opened my pussy and brought it closer to the man’s lips.
“If you hurt me, you won’t live,” and I spent wet sponges on the helpfully stuck out tongue.
Behind me, I heard a delighted half-half-half-flip, and from the convulsion that swept through a strong male body, I realized that Mali had planted on his penis.
Cap, no matter what, served me well.
I opened myself with my fingers in front of him, and he caressed the corner of her pussy with the tip of his tongue, thrust him far inland.
I shook my hips a little so that all my sensitive places were processed by him, and sometimes I just fell on his face and rubbed about him, smearing my juices and saliva.
Groans and contented grunting continually broke out of my throat.
Behind me Mali echoed, judging by the wet sounds, galloping on his penis, sitting down on him with all his might.
A new idea occurred to me.
I turned 180 degrees and picked up my balls.
– Mali.
Cap !.
M-mali, caress me, oh.
I want to finish! Mali began to stroke my breasts until my nipples were under her tender fingers.
Blood-red claws at first gently walked over them, and then dug into sweet aching pain.
– Oh yeah! Keep going – I put the palm of Mali on the back of my head in order to attract to him and dig into her lips.
So with a girl’s tongue in my mouth, caressed by gentle fingers, with the tongue of a man in a wet vagina, men, who in turn threw my girlfriend, fucking her, driving her to the full depth, I finished. Hot indian live sex.

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