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And Gulya said quietly to him, “fuck me.”
And then the guy himself undressed and wanted to wear a condom, but my wife began to demand that he not wear a condom.
Talgat, in response, told her that he was like he was clean, after he divorced, he did not deal with any of the women, and so on.
Then he introduced a member of her, and began to fuck her.
Then after a few minutes, Gulya decided to take the initiative in sex on herself and threw the guy on his back and sat on the member herself and began to ride, while screaming with pleasure.
And so they finished at the same time, Gulya from the orgasm fell on the guy, and according to my wife Talgat poured into her a huge amount of sperm and she began to flow out.
Then Gulya got up and went to the toilet. She peed and undermined that the guy pulled out new stockings and suggested to my wife to wear them, saying that she would look sexy in them.

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Gulya put them on and he saw how sexy she looked, began to get excited and began to make kuni to her, and then lay down on his back and began to ask her to sit on his dick, while he asked her to swear dirty and give a slap.
Gulya was surprised at his wishes, but began to fulfill his wishes about dirty words and slaps, and she, too, became very excited.
This time, sex was longer, and his wife experienced many orgasms, and when Talgat finished, he began to ask her to stay, but she said she needed to go home, where her husband was waiting for her.
Talgat took her panties, saying to the memory of the guy drove her to the house, and they said goodbye.
Gulya said: “Well, that’s the whole story, and now decide for yourself what you will do if you file for divorce, then it will be right, since I have changed you.”
I replied, “what a divorce, on the contrary, I liked it and I was pleased that you were cheating on me.”
The wife said: “you are definitely a fool or crazy, or you really want me to meet with other men.”
I said, “Yes, I want you to sometimes meet with men, but then I told you everything.”
Gulya replied, “as you like, if you want it, then I will meet with men, especially Talgat wants to meet with me sometimes.”
And then I got a job in Astana, coming to my city for a weekend, and I said to Gulya, since we can only have sex on weekends, then you can meet with other men for sex on ordinary days.

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