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To myself, I wondered which side to turn to the room.
Pulling for men’s dignity was very unpleasant, but slapping on the bottom was no more fun.
– Ay, Oksana pulled me by the balls, time, – heard Vanka scream.
– Ouch, Oksana slapped me in the ass, two.
– Immediately after that, the sound of a falling object sounded.
It seems Vanka flew into a chair and fell with him.
I froze in anticipation, catching the sounds of approaching footsteps and suddenly felt like I was sharply pulled by the balls.
– Oksana pulled me by the balls four, – I shouted, darted to the side, stumbled, it seems on the sofa and fell backwards.
Immediately I tried to get up, but for this I had to first raise the ass as much as possible.
Oksana took advantage of this and brought a painful slap on my buttocks.
– Oksana slapped me on the pope, five, I shouted, sharply rising.

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But before I could do it, I received another painful slap.
– Oksana slapped me on the pope, six, – I shouted, turning sharply to cover the buttocks and immediately was pulled for the pussy.
“Oksana tugged at my pussy, seven,” I shouted, my voice breaking from my sobs.
Yes, I cried.
Can you imagine such a girl doing to you, and you still had to loudly announce what happened? However, no new touches followed, and after a few seconds I heard Vankin’s voice very close: – Oksana pulled my balls, three.
Oksana slapped me on the pope, four.
Oksana pulled my pussy, five.
Ay, no more.
Oksana slapped me on the pope, six.
Then everything calmed down.
I started slowly, sneaking around, making my way around the room, trying to get away from Oksana and catching every rustle.

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Only now I remembered that after she had blindfolded us, it seemed to me that she was taking off her shoes.
Now her steps were not audible.
Sly beast.
Suddenly, I stumbled upon something and immediately felt that it was naked Vanka.
I froze for a moment and was immediately pulled for pussy.
– Oksana pulled my pussy, eight, I cried.
– Oksana pulled my pussy, seven, – simultaneously with me Vanka cried out.
It seems that Oksana still watched with pleasure as we, like blind kittens, sneaking around the room, thinking that we were slipping away from her, seized the moment and pulled us at the pussies at the same time.
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