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The girl sighed softly, but did not give a sign.
Anton gently held his tongue to his knees.
Here he is already rising to the inner side of the thigh and spreading her legs with his hands.
This was his mistake.
Madam abruptly grabbed his hair on his head, from which the guy groaned and looked at her inquiringly.
– Who allowed you to touch me with your hands? – she almost screams.
“Excuse me, madam,” Anton says stammered, “I got carried away.”
– Carried away? For this, punishment awaits you, ”she calmly says.
She gets up from her chair, bypasses a young man who has hung his head, walks up to his jeans and pulls a belt out of them.
“Lie down on the floor, on your stomach,” he orders in such a voice that he does not dare to disobey her.
He steps over him, fastens a strap to the collar and twists it onto his arm, forcing Anton to bend backwards.
Swings the belt, which holds in the other hand and the first blow falls on the back.
The guy just quietly bites his lip.
For such a slim body, Mrs. has great strength.
The second blow hits the legs, the third in the ass.
The young man timidly twitches because of what he hears a smile and gets a few more blows on the pope.
The girl tugging at the leash, makes him roll over.
Instinctively, Anton cover his body with his hands.
“Hands,” Mrs. almost shouts.
He immediately removes them at the seams.
She smirks and swings the belt.
This time goes to the stomach.
The guy hisses.
The girl slowly and painfully leads the belt from the belly down.
Anton freezes in anticipation of a new attack of pain, but the Lady suddenly changing her mind throws the belt aside.
“I think enough this time,” she tiredly returns to the chair.
“Thank you,” the guy says quietly.
– For what? “For not bothering me.”
She does not let him finish, gesturing to creep up to her.
As soon as Anton is near, she raises her leg and with her heel she is carried along his underpants, lightly pressing.

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– Does all this excite you? – Yes.
“This is noticeable,” she smiles, looking at his cock, clearly protruding through the underpants.
“I know what you want,” she says slowly, “you deserve it.”
The young man smoothly runs her hand over her thighs, she spreads her legs a little, allowing him to get to her panties.
He runs his hand over them, but he immediately comes to his senses, just pulls them together.
Remembering about his blunder, he puts his hands behind his back and closed his eyes, finally touches his tongue to the cherished place.
Holds the tongue from the bottom up and stopping on the clitoris, gently holds the tongue around it, making circular movements.
– Mmmm, – the girl moaned softly and grabbed the guy by the hair, pressed him closer.
Touching him with light quick movements, he again goes to caress the area around him.
It goes down the tongue and penetrates inside and starts to play the tongue with fast movements up and down.
Makes several such movements and returns to the clitoris, having played an act with it with the tip of the tongue and covering the clitoris with the lips, very gently draws inwards.
Gradually increasing the speed and friction force.
() After a few minutes of such sweet flour, the girl with loud moans ends.
Anton is quite purring as the cat licks the remnants of an orgasm and moves away from the girl.
She blissfully closed her eyes on a stool.
“You are well done,” she says lazily, “perhaps enough for today.”
– Unzip my corset.
The guy, standing up, hands over her back and groping the clasps, unzips them and removes the corset.
His gaze opens a small but beautiful chest.
He barely holds back so as not to kiss her.
The lady, more or less recovered, easily

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jumps up from the chair, and not paying attention to her nudity tells him: I went to the shower, and when I return you there should be no more here.
He passes by the surprised Anton, for a moment he stopped, quickly kissed him on the lips and left the room.
Still arriving at a degree of extreme shock, he quickly puts on and slams the door behind him.
And only already being at home, he realizes that he remained in the collar.
Smiles, and without removing it, goes to bed.
In short, the background is as follows.
I have an aunt for her forty and a little, not tall, with a fine ass and tits between the second and third.
But a few years ago I was visiting her and going into the living room I saw her change clothes.
I lurked and began to pry.
She did not see me, but she was in front of me.
When I entered she was already without a bra.
perfect breasts of great shape with dark red small protruding nipples.
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