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Starting to slowly lick the cream off her body, I almost finished right on the fur coat! She, too, was excited: “slower.
nipple, yes.
“I sucked nipples, licked the clit, slid lips on the inside of my queen’s thighs.
Finally, she realized that it was time for the main thing.
With the words “now I” she turned me on my back, putting on a fur coat, began to caress me with fur.
It’s unforgettable! My flesh just sang a song of an insatiable youthful body! She sat on top of me, stooped, kissed my lips, and began to move.
She accelerated the pace, moaning with pleasure, I fastened as best I could.
My cock was all Natasha’s grease, and she moved effortlessly.
Finally we finished together.
It seemed that the whole world had disappeared somewhere, and there were just us, lying embracing and languidly caressing each other.
Ten minutes later, she suddenly got up, walked over to the table, and stooping down, said: “Page, I want MORE.”
She wanted in the ass! That I did not expect to admit.
Taking the grease from her vagina, I first smeared a finger and inserted it into this lovely ass of my queen.
Then followed by a member.
Natalia moaned, apparently my penetration was not painless.
However, I just experienced cosmic sensations! My cock seemed to plunge into the hot velvet that covered it with a fire wrap, as softly as possible.
I started moving, and the queen helped me.
When I finished here the second time, she went to the shower.
The sight of the sperm flowing out of the ass so excited me that, having forgotten about persuasion, I grabbed it, threw it on my fur coat, and just fucked it as hard as I could! At first she weakly resisted, but then helped me to achieve another orgasm.

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She collected sperm (I finished on her stomach) and, smearing her crotch, offered to lick her.
It was a double yelling! We lay in one tangle of desire, I licked her bladder bleeding with juice, and she sucked my machine furiously and gently.
We finished again together.
This time she got dressed (I helped her put on a fur coat!) And since then rarely came to us.
Prologue This story was told to me by my friend, also Alexander, like me.
He is 32 years old, he is the director of a grocery store chain in Moscow.
But he lives mainly in Kaluga.
We studied at the same school, he is 4 years older than me, and then we saw him at the state institute where I studied lawyer, but he studied at the correspondence department.
We met in Moscow, where I went to a business trip last fall, by chance, on one of the many Moscow streets.
– Wow, namesake! – He shouted to me, stretching his hand.
– How many years: – And it’s great, – I said, like this meeting.
And not just anywhere, but in Moscow, in the capital itself.
– You’re here, what fate? “And I’m on a business trip,” I replied.
– Here, I went to court to represent the interests of one office.
“Well, of course,” said Sasha Fomkin.
– I suppose, as married, do not walk to the left, do not thump, as before? – No, I love my very much, and I no longer need any.
Do you like on a personal front? – I in turn asked.
– Oh, bro, this is a separate conversation.
Epper Theater: It’s a shame to speak.
I really want to talk to you about it separately, without prying eyes and ears.
Are you in a hurry? – No, before the train is still long.
And in general, I think to go to 19.
07, on the express.
Quick and comfortable.
– Well, let’s go then to a

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cafe, slam a beer, and at the same time I will tell you my whole story.
So that you do not think that I am gay or bi, I’ll just tell you that I live with my GIRLS, with my mother and daughter, do you understand? That’s it.
And it all suits us all.
But I can tell you about it, since you are a normal kid and you can talk about everything with you.
“Well, thanks for the trust,” I replied, startled by his words about GIRL.
– You know, I will not tell anyone.
: We went to one of Moscow cafes. Free online lesbian sex videos.

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