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Masha bit her lip in pain.
Vadik’s member was all in sperm, she was dripping on Masha’s ass.
“Come out, boys,” Lucy told us efficiently.
I pulled my penis out of her, and she jumped off Sergei’s cock herself.
Lucy ran up to Masha, over whom Vadik continued to rise.
“You see what you’ve done,” Lucy said angrily.
Sergey and I got up and went to the bed.
Masha’s back was covered with bleeding scratches, and there were teeth marks on her shoulders.
Her anus has turned into some kind of red mess.
Vadik stroked Masha’s leg.
“Sorry, Masha,” he said, “I got carried away.”
– Wow got carried away! – Lucy pounced on him, – you have to think what you are doing.
She now probably needs to see a doctor.
“No doctor is needed,” Masha said suddenly, “everything is fine.”
Masha hardly turned on her side and looked at Vadik. Free lesbian cam girls.

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