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Lena sat in front of me on her knees, putting her elbows on my feet and gave me a fabulous blowjob, while making insanely exciting sounds.
– I’ll finish now – I barely said. – Come on dear, finish! I want to taste your taste! I took a few deep breaths and felt the jet run inside me in search of a way out.
Lena, meanwhile, feeling the moment, tightly wrapped her lips around my wildly pulsing member and a jet of sperm hit her mouth.
I leaned back on the bench, and she continued to sort of suck out the remaining sperm from me.
It was a thrill.
We returned to the house and went to bed naked.
I started kissing her whole body, she was a little afraid of tickling, so I laughed when I kissed her armpit.
We played with each other, bit, kissed each other, frolicked like children.
Having a little fun, I lay down on top of her and my cock buried in her crotch.
– You have no idea how I love you! And I really, really want to! She kissed me playfully asked: “I wonder if you ever masturbated to me?” “Of course, I answered with a smile.
“Come on, show me how you did it, you hooligan!” She moved away and leaned on the wall with her wide legs stunned and wide open.
I knelt in front of her and embarrassed, with a smile on my face, running my hand over my penis.
In the meantime, she began to caress her pussy and eagerly looked at my manipulations with a member.
– Come closer to me – she asked, I came very close to her, and we started masturbating together looking at each other.

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With the second hand I stroked her legs, chest, tummy.
She did the same with me.
She plunged two fingers into herself and began to make stroking movements inside her vagina.
Bylovidno, as a transparent fluid liquid flows from it.
I took her hand, which she masturbated and licked her fingers.
Then I pulled her close, laid her on my back and slipped a small pillow under her ass.
I fell to her heart and started passionately kissing her crotch.
Gradually, I transferred my kiss to her ass, gently caressing her anus with the tongue.
– Do you want her? – she asked – do you want my ass? – Of course, Len! – Can I try? If it hurts you, I will stop right away! She raised her beautiful legs up, opening access to her insanely beautiful ass.
Several times I plunged a member into her pussy, as if wetting it in its lubrication, then put it to the anus and pressed a little.
The head barely plunged Lena into the ass and her anus with a tight ring squeezed the head around.
She twitched, and said that while everything is fine.
I pressed a little more and due to the presence of lubricant, my

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dick began to sink into it slowly.
She breathed deeply.
– Dimul, let’s quietly! And then there is too little for you.
“Of course, darling! Having immersed my dick in half her ass, I also began to gently stick it out.”
– Dimul, grease still! Otherwise it will hurt so soon.
I plentifully smeared herus and my dick with saliva and tried again.
This time I entered it significantly easier, without discomfort to her or me.
After a few seconds, I made powerful jogging movements, striking with my groin about her ass.
Lena was very excited, and I saw a viscous liquid come out of her vagina.
– Come on, honey, do not stop ,.
Oh my God!!! Still!!! Yeah !!! With her right hand, she began to actively massage her clitoris.
I decided to help her and carefully inserted two fingers into it.
Lena began to wriggle the whole body like a snake.
I bent over her without ceasing to drive her into a penis, began to passionately kiss her lips and neck.
I did not notice how the next portion of sperm shot inside her priests. Family webcam sex.

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