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I would like to, but I can not decide.
– Trust me.
– But.
How do you imagine it? – Very simple.
I will tie your hands behind your back – and he folded the woman’s arms, showing her how, and kissed her: “That will be enough,” he said.
– And nothing more? Asked the countess cautiously.
“I told you, trust me.”
– But my clothes? – I will undress you with pleasure myself.
“But if my hands are tied?” “Then we will have to undress you a little now, then I will bind you and, when you are already in my power, I will continue.”
He helped the woman, and when her shoulders and chest were already exposed, he tied her hands behind her back.
He did this with extreme caution, wondering if the knots were too tight.
(Especially for -) The voice that answered him sounded duller and duller every time.

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Finally he finished, and, bypassing the countess, found himself face to face with her beloved.
A proud woman looked completely unhappy.
“Etienne, I implore you,” she whispered, her voice breaking in fear: “You aren’t doing anything wrong with me, are you?” – I do not understand you, my love, – the young man was surprised: – What can I do wrong with you? – How what? All that I expect from you, of course.
And I expect a lot from you.
And, since you have finished all the preparations, let’s quickly move on to all this bad.
My brother is 12 years older than me.
It just so happened that when our parents divorced, and my mother married for the second time and went abroad with her husband, I completely remained in the care of Artyom.
I just turned 17 years old.
In spite of the fact that my brother is very attractive, I did not think about some kind of sex with him and I rotated love affairs with my peers.

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When I was 18, I lost my virginity with a guy 2 years older, then I met another one of almost the same age.
My brother always had different girlfriends, whom he never brought home for the night to protect my innocence.
We lived happily, we had guests all the time, Artem’s friends came and obviously tried to please me, but my brother stopped all their courtship.
Of course, when a man and a woman live together in a studio apartment, some intimate details pop up all the time.
I did not think that the pants and bras should not be scattered around the apartment and my half-naked look makes Artem think that “the girl is ripe”.
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