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We fucked every day and every night, ending many times, and Nastya still could not get enough – because she too did not receive much sex in her life.
She eagerly absorbed heat, love and pleasure – and I was glad that at last she was bathing in them in abundance.
And Nastya became very talkative.
She talked to me for hours, splashed herself to me, making up for the lack of communication, and I absorbed her life, trying to be a grateful listener.
She told me everything, she had no secrets from me; It often happened that after sex we talked deep into the night.
I was terribly glad that this fragile creature was finally happy.
I called beauticians, and in a month they turned Nastino’s face into a fresh face of an 18-year-old girl.
Nobody believed that she was 33; no one even gave her 25.
Aliens did not bother her anymore.
Once she said: I am so grateful to them.
They flew in to introduce me to you.

3 years have passed.
Of these, Nei spent 3 months in the hospital, and the rest of the time he spent all his time in a room rented from an elderly Nullika. Desi couple cam sex.

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