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That evening, we sent an expedition to the market to purchase a huge amount of (alcohol) everything needed.
And they made a plan for the gradual departure of the entire mafia from Koktebel.
Irishka and I were going to hang out a couple of days in the bay and come back.
But Seryoga and Vika could not decide what and with whom they like more.
In general – so.
And here is the morning.
I write, Irka is sleeping.
Kharkiv friends are already going on their Zhiguli to Fox Bay, so that, after unloading, return for us.
I am in anticipation of new experiences! sixteen.
2008 Oh, my impressionable !! – I went for impressions! And I would read my “notes of the hunter”, I think, impressions would be enough where we dumped so suddenly, leaving most of our junk in our bungalow.
Yes, precisely, – we are already in Fox Bay.
It is noon in the yard, I sit in a tent and cook my report on my knees.
Very inconvenient to write! – Knee, you know, not a desk, and

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the heat.
And even harder all this scribbling then hide, believe me, not easy! But while they don’t bother me, I, like, siesta, write.
In general, my impressions of our new place are not bad.
Of course, the lack of sanitary amenities and culinary delights, of course, can not be discounted, but then: clean sea, beautiful nature and, most importantly, do not need to wear anything on yourself! And this is the main point.
For the sake of the opportunity to hang out a couple – three days absolutely naked, but in the company of wonderful (and also absolutely naked men !!) you can suffer tiny inconveniences.
And there are plenty of opportunities to expand your sexual horizons! But I promised about a party, – I fulfill.
In general, my faithful stated everything with the highest possible accuracy.

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For him, our party was just a great party with friends – nudists, maybe just a little colored in erotic tones.
Beautifully, I wrote! But it was much more difficult for me: for me this drinking with a dance became a difficult sexual test – all evening and half the night I endured serious signs of attention from a whole heap of men, expressed not only and not so much in words, but to give way to my exhausted long waiting, libido, could not.
Now in order.
To begin with, I very seriously prepared for the reception of guests: I washed my hair and put on my hair, put on make-up and, of course, carefully shaved my legs between my legs.
And directly, my party began with the arrival of Vicky and Sergey.
We have just started to cook, as Seryoga was ready.
Puns! Not only that they walked with our Vika in our “bungalow” in what her mother gave birth, so separately, they constantly touched me for all sorts of interesting places and climbed to kiss.
And I’m not iron, in fact! Soaked up by these harassment that I had to undress.
And at all I’m not brave, as Dimon wrote.
Just walking in wet shorts is bad and unpleasant.
On the other hand, he correctly noted that exposing a house, with outsiders, is completely different from undressing on the beach.
At home – sex.
When you undress at home, all sorts of pleasant erotic thoughts begin to creep into your head.
And the nipples begin to stick themselves – themselves.
And much more! Therefore, when everyone was undressed, including my Dimona, intim was flooded so much that I was afraid to seat my body on the sofa.
Because of this intima, I very actively flowed.
Or maybe it was because of Seryoga with his ever-excited member, who constantly strove to shove his fingers at me or lick at the nipple.
And Dimon, of course, as usual, did not notice anything.
Lying, of course – he accurately noticed me.
And with him, we also kissed and moved off.
But back to the get-together.
The guys dragged the tape recorder and it became noticeably more fun.
Seryoga begged Dimon for our camera, so that, as he said, to preserve our fun for posterity.
Incidentally, I watched this fun, – the horror that I got up there! Okay.
In general, the fun began.
In parallel with active drinking and snacks.
I tell you! – I have never been able to drink at home naked, in the company of naked men, but with her husband, and when I’m of the women of all I and another girl.
Vika and I naturally bathed in male attention.
And also these neat male clusters flashing at the level of the scrotum and the tip, swaying with every movement! Cam tv sex.

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