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It was John and Henry, whose panties almost burst with excitement.
Larissa gently released their longing for the tender female flesh of their members.
Henry really had a nice beater, about as thick as mine, only shorter.
A little inferior to him and John.
Larisa immediately set to work, swallowing both members in turn, allowing them to rest against the palate, and then suddenly releasing them to run over the entire surface with quick movements.
Her fingers, meanwhile, gently kneaded the pink testicles of both men.
In terms of a blowjob, Larisa could compare with a few, and soon the men did nothing but moan with their heads thrown back.
Jack, rightly considering himself deprived, got up on the bed behind Larisa and lowered his panties himself.
His cock glistened with grease and was very flexible.
In one motion, he lowered him down so that my wife could reach him.
Larissa immediately with a strong smacking of the voice sucked both heads at once, and immediately released them back, having absorbed Jack’s cock with a predatory movement.
He wheezed with pleasure and leaned forward.
John and Henry, wanting to continue, fought a serious battle between themselves, pushing each other’s members off Larissa’s rich lips.
Minute confusion ensued, after which the tangle of heated bodies acquired the following outlines.
Larisa lay, stretched to her full height on the huge, the color of milk chocolate, the body of Henry.
His mighty member walked back and forth measuredly, plunging into her bosom.

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Her buttocks, which became a little more lush, but that only added to the irresistible, ruthlessly tormented Jack.
In addition to his non-lean member, he stuck two more fingers into the anus of my wife, driving his penis over them like on rails.
Larisa vigorously podmahivala to both of them, managing to kiss passionately with Henry.
Now there was no place to stick to John, who was content with the fact that Larisa was playing with his testicles with one hand.
I impatiently stroked my uplifted instrument with my hand, waiting for my turn.
Having conferred about something quietly, the men exchanged.
Henry abruptly drove his dick Larissa into the anus, literally pinning her to the bed.
Of all the trinity, his farm was the most impressive, although it did not reach my couple of centimeters.
Jack also took his place under Larisa, with a sweep of going into her womb.
John began to do something inconceivable.

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He stood over Larissa, facing Henry, spreading his legs on both sides of her body, almost sitting on her back, and also began to bring his instrument closer to Larissa’s anus.
Two cocks in one hole, and not even in the biggest! I used to see this only in porn movies.
The tension in the lower abdomen just went off scale, it seemed that any contact with my penis would cause an incredible explosion.
John, in the meantime, having improved the moment, with a powerful jerk raised Larisa’s waist, forcing her buttocks to bulge even harder, and resolutely pressed his stiff flesh on Henry’s dick, forcing him to press.
I, fascinated, watched as the two members, alternately pressing each other, in turn disappeared almost to half in Larissa’s rectum.
Larisa, listening to new sensations for herself, moaned as she could only – sweetly and gently, portraying the submissive female in the arms of a flock of hungry males.
Two members still no one has driven into her ass, and in the bosom it was done for a long time, at the time of our stormy youth.
The men have changed again.
Now, in the ass Larissa at the same time entered John and Jack, and Henry attached his penis to her mouth. Cam to cam sex tube.

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