Bongacams visaya.

Bongacams visaya.
The smell of your hair, the look of neat hands drives me crazy; I cannot control myself, restrain my impulses.
Want very much.
What I’m talking about? You can not understand.
You have never experienced such a thing, at least in relation to yourself.
Now you will learn something new, you will not even see it, but rather you will feel completely on the other side.
No magic, I will lift the curtain, and you will see yourself through the eyes of a deranged

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girl, almost the way I see you every morning.
It would seem – nothing special.
You have seen yourself billions of times, reflected from hundreds of glare-free surfaces: mirrors, wet asphalt, window glass, superimposed on dense blue twilight.
Objectively, you will like yourself no more than usual, but remember – the body.
3 Now imagine for a moment that you are in a completely empty space.
You can not determine the size and shape of the room, its walls then seem very far, imperceptible, then threaten to crush you with their proximity.
There is nothing.
There is no light, no sound, and only thick darkness, like cotton wool or marsh mud clouches you.
There are no external stimuli – and the analyzers are turned off, spreading in a viscous silence.
Only space continues to pulsate in time with the heart: knock-knock, knock-knock, squeezing, it moves away again, spreading out in a vacuum.
The body dissolves, passing into another remote and unknown dimension.
You do not feel the tip of the nose, the surface of the skin loses its tactile sensations and gradually ceases to exist, the phalanges of the fingers, one after the other, transfer to another level of consciousness, and only the heart continues to tap: tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk.

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Consciousness is paralyzed.
You are no more.
Instant flash forces the micro universe to shrink faster.
A thin ray of light, too bright, cuts non-existent more flesh from somewhere inside.
You find yourself locked in a cramped cage of the ribs.
An unusual foreign body begins to materialize around.
In contrast to the narrow, sharp shoulders, you feel immensely heavy hips, between which a new pulling feeling is emerging – an emptiness, furiously demanding filling, a gap, spewing glowing earth’s bowels.
Get used to it.
Now it will be so until you again dissolve into the abyss of indifferent calm, leaving the monastery that now belongs to you.
Consciousness currents probing new container for themselves, reaching the most distant of its ends.
Here are the long ones.
Straight hair stubbornly cuts an uncut bang into the eyes, touching the light lashes.
You already feel the nails weighed down and tied off with an aggressive varnish, and you run your tongue over slightly twisted teeth.
Everything is different.
At first it will be a little hard to get confused in too long legs, and be surprised at the absence of dark stubble on the face.
But adaptation to a temporary body is made easier by almost the same frail physique, short stature and frankly small breasts, which I myself, in truth, do not feel at all.
Now you are me.
And I? I am no more, I give you my body.
Dispose of them wisely, at least to the degree of freedom that I can allow you.
4 Sleepless dreams.
You seem to soar high above the earth in the soft starlight.
Without anxiety, without worries and experiences.
The sharp squeal of the mobile phone pulls you out of the hands of serenity.
06:25 Outside the window and in the room is dark.
You lie warm in a blanket, a thought knocks into consciousness: something is wrong.
All wrong! Well, first, it’s impossible to scratch the scrotum – you have to rub your eyes. Bongacams visaya.

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