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When we sat at the table with him and my parents on the day of arrival, it even seemed to me that between widely-spaced legs, Oleg always fidgeting, his egg would appear every now and then.
The fact is that I considered myself an adult, that is, it was not for me to walk like a boy in short shorts, so even in this hot summer I, despite my mother’s persuasion, walked in jeans.
Of course, I myself was very hot and sometimes I wanted to walk around without clothes, but our yard culture pressed on me and did not allow me to appear among my friends in shorts.
And here it is! Just like me, almost all the boys in our yard were dressed.
The only exception was Seva, who was engaged in the athletics section, where he was given a sports uniform, and since only one mother raised Seva, there was not much money for clothes in the late 80s.
I often heard from the mouth of his mother that Seva before clothes is very unpretentious and ready all summer to wear the same sports pants for a span.
Everybody got used to Seva.
I would also like to have no complexes.
My parents, of course, offered Oleg to stay in my room.
He was content with a sleeping bag, which was laid out next to my bed on a cot.
His parents settled in the hall.
I took a shower and settled on my bed.
Since it was stuffy in the room, I didn’t go under the covers, but lay down on top in my underpants.
How surprised I was when I saw a completely naked Oleg coming in to him, who had just taken a shower.
Parents were still awake and watched TV in the hall, for sure they could see him walking down the hall from the shower to the bedroom.
Oleg, without being confused at all, wished me good night and lay down on top of the sleeping bag, just like me.
A few minutes later I heard Oleg’s steady breathing.

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I lay in wild reflections and did not notice how I myself fell asleep.

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In the morning I did not wake up to the end, not immediately remembering that I had a roommate, as I immediately banged a picture on my head.
Oleg was still asleep.
He lay on his back, and his cock stood with a stake.
His body was, it seemed to me, of enormous size.
I’ve never seen anything like it.
Oleg’s pink eggs rolled in accordance with the slave algorithm only.
An almost red pearl head glittered in the morning sun.
I could not take my eyes off for several minutes and did not notice that Oleg had already opened his eyes and was looking at me.
“Hi, Kostik.
Do not pay attention.
I have such a bullshit every morning.
You will become a little older, you will too.
The only way to get rid of this morning is to jerk off “and Oleg, without waiting for my answer, began to move the skin.
At that time I heard Mommy’s steps in the hallway.
She knocked on the door and, without entering the room, called out: “Guys, have you already woken up? Let’s go and have breakfast.”
Oleg, without stopping for a second, shouted: “Five minutes, Aunt Vera! We are almost ready.
“I shuddered at the thought that it would be if mom opened the door.
After the words of his mother, Oleg moved very quickly.
I used to hear about masturbation from boys in the yard, but it never occurred to me to try it myself.
I was not surprised when I learned from the courtyard experience, when Oleg splashed several portions of a thick, friable white liquid on his stomach.
– ABOUT! But you, brother, are not lagging behind either – I caught Oleg’s eyes and his mysterious smile on me.
Just now I realized that my underpants were puffed up by the arching member.
– Well, you give – only I could say.
– Take them off.
I will help you.
I looked, you are not experienced at all, ”said Oleg, and getting up he pulled off my pants.
I felt uneasy and confused with feelings of shame and curiosity, I closed my eyes.
I felt Oleg touch his hands to my balls, then to the penis, then it was unusually pleasant from his slow movements, when he began to move my foreskin back and forth.
I wanted faster and faster, so I began to do it myself until the feeling of the piercing current covered my entire body.
I sprayed not only myself and my cowards lying next to me, but everything that was next: some notebook, bedding, carpet.
Oleg laughed out loud.
We were interrupted by a knock at the door: “Guys, everything is ready.
How long can we wait? “We dried off the sheet ourselves, and also removed all the visible traces of the morning orgasm and, having quickly dressed, were sitting at the table in a few minutes.
– Kostik, a good fellow, that, finally, put on shorts.
All the same, the example of the elder brother was not in vain.
After all, such a heat in the street. Bongacams sweet est.

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