Bongacams o la la.

Bongacams o la la.
My name is Catherine, I’m 33 years old.
I have been married to a great guy for five years.
Zlatan 35.
I got to him after two unsuccessful marriages, and Zlatan before me was known as the first dog in the city – the town we have is small, everything is visible.
When we began to meet, the stakes were one in twenty, that Zlatan would agree to ring himself.
And yet he voluntarily married himself, everyone was surprised.
We lived well, calmly, without insults and scandals.
And, as it should be in a calm swamp, inevitably our life began to grow dim.
Zlatan paid more and more attention to his small business – he kept a sports bar in the city, where he was both the bartender and the owner, he stood behind the counter.
The sports bar, of course, closed late, in the days of major competitions often worked until the morning.
Zlatan came at dawn and fell asleep in a bag, what kind of sex is there.
In short, outwardly everything was fine, but from the inside there was no place worse.
We actually turned from spouses into roommates, seen only occasionally in the kitchen.
Zlatan worked – I slept.
I worked – Zlatan slept off.
A complete nightmare.

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And I finally decided to put an end to this.
I loved him.
And he loved me.
It was necessary to urgently solve the problem.
At lunch I caught Zlatan in the kitchen – he was making coffee for himself, apparently just woke up.
She came up, hugged her back.
– Zlatznayu what to think.
She does not look at me, does not want to talk.
I do everything wrong, she criticizes me all the time, does not give a word to say.
As if changed after the wedding.
“Maybe she didn’t marry you?” – I asked.
– Do you have money? Or something else? She got married, she achieved her goal – and you can be without ceremony.
He looked up.
– I have a good business, some money is found.
I do not deny her anything.
He wants a fur coat – this is a fur coat.
He wants a car – please – his look was becoming more and more meaningful.
– She herself is from a very poor family.
And you are right.
She got what she wanted.
And you can let me sideways, it turns out.
“You would show character,” I said.
– Get married a little – if she wants to use your resources, let her work out her nourishing life.
Let sucks, at least.
Give birth to a child.
And do not fucking build you and turn your nose.
A wife should serve her husband, not dynamite.
– Golden words, especially from the female mouth, – he nodded.
– I’m Herman.

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,” I answered shortly.
There is contact! I leaned my chest against the rack.
– Herman.
Do you want me to show you how a good wife should behave? – And she shot her eyes on the back.
– But Zlatan.
“It’s all right,” I whispered. “Zlatan is up to date and doesn’t mind.”
He told me about you himself.
I see – really, the case is bad. Bongacams o la la.

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