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Walking down the street, my mother, holding her son’s hand, tried to reassure him, encourage him, but she did not succeed, the boy was completely immersed in his thoughts.
When they came home, they told everything to their sister, Julia was very upset, that evening everyone in the house was silent.
And in a few days.
Dima was lying in a hospital bed in a triple room, one bed was free, on the other was Artem.
He was fifteen, he had already been operated on, and in a week he would be discharged, it was not a bad guy, a merry fellow by nature, constantly telling jokes.

He managed what Dima’s mother and sister could not bring back to him a sense of humor, which disappeared after a visit to the doctor.
It was already half past five in the evening, the office hours were over and the relatives were forced to leave the hospital.
Dima knew that they would come to him in the morning even before the doctors, but he still missed.
– Your name is Dmitry? – The voice of the incoming nurse interrupted his thoughts.
– Yes it’s me.

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“Well, after six you have nothing to eat, at ten you have an enema.”
Do you understand? – She smiled slightly and was about to leave.
– No, I do not understand.
“The boy’s clean thoughts are mixed up again.”
– What is an enema? My knee will operate.
– Such rules make a cleansing enema before the operation.
Do you have any more questions? – You’ll do? – I will help.
Enema you put the head nurse.
The door to the chamber was closed, and Dima, stumbling, continued to look at one point trying to come to his senses.
Well, at least Artyomka was not in the ward, so that he would have thought up his wits, but still, how so? I will do an enema, and this girl will be there.
It was probably not a nurse, but a trainee, looking twenty years old, maybe twenty-three, thin, not large bore, like a pretty face, but a special strand of straight, black hair, slightly covering her left eye, gave her a special beauty or some mysteriousness.
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