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“Well, get acquainted,” said Max, turning to us, “this is Dasha, and this.
– And this is Nyashka.
Nyashka, why are you not made up? And she held out her pen with charming fingers to my nose.
I did not show it and kissed the ring and ring handle.
Damn, Max and showed these pictures to her! – To you, by the way goes, only you are painted as the prostitute cheap.
Well, Charlie, fucking! Where are you going? “Well, let’s go,” said Max, and we started off.
The poodle, then, is Charlie, and me is Nyashka! Dasha lowered the dog down to his feet and shook his finger at him.
This Charlie was difficult to call a dog, most likely a big cat, only the tongue from the heat out.
He became quiet, and the girl again switched to me: – Nyash, is it true that you, gays, are afraid of girls? “No, no,” I replied, embarrassed.
– Well, okay, you’re this one.
transvestite or whatever you are, transgender people seem to be short pedals.
And why do not you go in a dress or skirt? It would be cool.
He dressed like a normal guy. Bigo live sexy dance.

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