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Then he put his hands on her shoulders and, kissing her face, began to press them, pushing Lena down.
“Shit, wait, phone, I will answer,” the wife hastily started talking, but I continued to press, and Lena knelt in the bath.
Natalka cracked at the door, I closed the curtain.
– Shackle, what are you doing? Crazy? – Lena whispered, but, without saying a word, I pressed her head to my groin, my wife tried to turn her face away, but my palms firmly held her nape.
“Yes, don’t give me the phone here,” with these words, I stretched out my hand from behind the curtains, the door to the bathroom opened slightly, I heard Natalka spanked barefoot on the wet floor.
And at the same time I felt a kiss on my scrotum.
Lips of the wife ran on my member and clasped a head.
The hand of her daughter put a mobile phone in my palm, and my dick was half in the mouth of Lena, who began to caress his tongue, lick and massage her lips.
“Natal, don’t go away, pick him up now,” I said, and brought the cell phone to my ear.
– Yes? I’m listening? Is that Sergey? – in the tube there was a female voice, even I would say girlish.
“Yes,” I replied, while my wife cupped my cock like a lollipop and began to suck it.

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-I call you on the ad, everything is correct, right? Can we meet with you? -When? -Tonight.
-No, sorry, what is your name? -Pauline.
-Polina, today we are busy, unfortunately, but tomorrow, if you want.
– Well, I better call you back tomorrow? -Yes, 11 am, if you do not mind.
– Okay, thanks, good night.
I hung up and stretched out my hand with a mobile phone from behind the curtain.
-Natus, take it.
– Junior grabbed the phone and suddenly squeaked, instead of just going into the room.
-Mom, Dad, can I go to Sasha Darina’s birthday tomorrow? I was silent, because my head was occupied with a completely different one, I did not hear the question, it even seemed to me that the child asked what were you doing there? Wife, released from the mouth of my dick.
-Until late? – she continued to masturbate me.
I grabbed the wall with my hand, because suddenly everything swam before my eyes, and I realized that I would be finished.
Blinding eyes, I stared at the ceiling, and the other hand tried to catch the chin of his wife, to send a member back into her mouth.
-No, until 11 o’clock, she lives here, very close, we are learning together.
– Mmmm.
– Lena pushed the head of my penis with her tongue from her mouth, – Well, baby, I authorize, affinity.
– I was between her lips and moved her hips, holding out the last force.
“Mum, she resolves, docha, go,” I managed to squeeze out squeezed, and wet feet slapped on the floor.
My dick exploded, I groaned.
Lena tried to dodge, but I firmly

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held her head in my hands, and my sperm shot her right in the throat. Biggest boobs webcam.

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