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Finally, Angela took my dick in her hand, and began to make movements resembling milking.
I had to learn how to do it, but the moment was slightly missed.
After some time, Angela finished, and Marika decided to correct the mistake of her friend by moving her skillful tongue to me.
In the bar we went in a great mood.
Judging from the attitude towards them, the ladies were very famous in this institution.
They were especially welcomed not by the guys, who were almost not there, but by friends, who were looking at me with interest.
It was a gang – and only girls.
At some point, I felt like a rabbit caught in the hands of predators.
Lonely guys were hanging out, as if by themselves, without joining with this company.
I was very uncomfortable, and even scary.
While he drank a couple of big drinks from the proposed cocktail, it did not get any easier.
I was literally caught up by female predators, who apparently did not make such tricks with random guys for the first time.
In general, how could this have happened to me with a 23-year-old boy, who was almost able to drag him here, to this bar.
If I wanted to escape, it would hardly have gotten off — I was under escort, but not only Mariki and Angela.
Drinking a lot was dangerous, since I had no idea what role was meant for me.
After some time, the company started up so much that I was literally attacked, kissed, and for a member to hold, thanks to the high bar stools, under the bar several girls sat in ecstasy.
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