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There were bars on the windows, so there was no way out for retreat.
– Came to finish me? – I asked not my voice.
“Most likely, yes,” answered Vika.
“I don’t need extra witnesses.”
– Then what are you waiting for? – I asked with a challenge, looking for some sharp or heavy object.
Vika hesitated.
In her big black eyes flashed a shadow of doubt.
And then I remembered the very moment after which I lost consciousness.
“You didn’t let me go voluntarily?” – I suddenly felt my voice getting stronger.
“You just couldn’t kill me.”
I remember, your tentacles did not obey you! I expected Vika to go berserk now, release her tentacles, try to strangle me again, and nothing will come of her.
But she reacted calmly to my words.
“Yes, it didn’t work out,” she agreed.
“It’s probably because you haven’t actually managed to even slap any little girl yet.”
From the point of view of my tentacles, you are innocent.
– How do they know? – I’m wary.
“They know from somewhere,” the girl shrugged.
– Probably, the brain scan, or something else.
But before you, I had no problems with them.
“So you made a mistake with me,” I suddenly realized that this was a chance to get rid of her.
“I never even thought about doing something bad with a real little girl.”
These disks that you saw are just cartoons that have no connection with reality.
And I brought you home just because I was a little confused, but in fact I did not have any ulterior motives! – Not true! – broke my tirade Vika.
It seems that she still began to get annoyed.
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