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Especially since my mother deserves the most steadfast male attention.
At 37 years old (she gave birth to me at 19) she looks 10-12 years younger.
It affects both genetics and the fact that the mother very carefully watches herself: behind the face, and behind the figure.
She has a mop of bronze hair, a beautiful face of the Slavic type, a long neck, a high chest of the 3rd size, a thin waist, rather wide hips and long slender legs.
And ass! If I were a poet, I would devote inspirational lines to her.
The buttocks are steeply protruding backwards, and when the milf walks with her very feminine gait, they sway gracefully, causing abundant salivation in every man who is behind her.
It was my mother’s ass was the main subject of my desires, and, masturbating at night, I imagined how I thrust a member between her sweet buns.
I was far from being a “nerd” and at 18 I had a lot of experience with the opposite sex, I fucked more than one girl in all holes, but my mother was still the subject of my dreams.
We lived together with her, my father died when I was 4 years old, I practically do not remember him.
He left his mom a successful business, and she had the brains not to ruin him, but on the contrary, to multiply.
So in material terms, we did not know any difficulties.
Morally, everything was great too.
Mom did not start any intrigues, in any case, those that I would know about.
She spent quite a lot of time with her business partner Vladimir Nikolayevich, a tall, handsome man with soft, enveloping manners. Ashley bulgari webcams show chaturbate videos.

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