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“And great luck, my Breast began to grow right away, as I began to drink hormones, but what would grow up like that,” she comfortably threw her breasts on her palms.
– Doctors simply were stunned, they said that this is the rarest case when such tits grow just on common hormones, can you imagine? None of the transicks have such a breast, at least, a real one.
– Silicone doing? – I asked, I was so interested that I was even embarrassed to show it.
– Silicone is nonsense, it looks unnatural and, moreover, dentures are torn there, inside, for example, from an accidental impact, an accident there, or anything else.
And that’s all, trouble, operation and go then it is not known how many with one boob, can you imagine? I imagined.
It was terribly sad, but Talia laughed so cheerfully and carelessly at her joke that I smiled too.
– And what, there are some others? – I continued my question.
“Now there are some completely new ones, I don’t know for sure,” Talia willingly continued the explanations.
– As you see, this is not very interesting for me.
But all the girls went crazy, everyone wants, because it looks like a real one, to the touch, too, can not be distinguished, but it costs a fortune.

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“You say hormones,” I asked.
– Do you have to take them all the time? – Now – no, thank God! – threw her hands Talia.
– At first I had to drink constantly, in huge quantities, strictly according to the schemes! Sick all the time, horror, like during pregnancy.
But then everything went right away, you see, chest, hips.
And now just to maintain.
I just passed a hormonal profile, everything is fine, ugh, ugh.
– How long have you been on these hormones? – Have, long, since high school.
Since high school.
Lord, how much has this fragile girl, who managed to be born the same fragile boy, endured! What was she like, or rather, then he was, how old? at twelve, thirteen? – start to realize that something is wrong with him, that he is not like everyone else? When her peers began to worry about nighttime emissions, and peers – the first menstruation that worried this teenager? A fig itself poser for the child’s psyche.
“But it’s still to be swallowed in horse dosage,” Talia continued.
“Why, if everything is normal with you,” I wondered.
“Before the surgery,” explained Talia.
That’s it

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Soon this miracle of nature will turn into an ordinary woman.
– And soon the operation? – I asked.
– Unknown.
Firstly, doctors say that the more all the male functions are depressed before the operation on hormones, the better.
Of course, I have not had a steady erection for a long time.
I shuddered a bit.
God, steady erection! Where am I?! But Talia did not notice and continued: -.
but still, as it were, legs still have to shave and all that. All online sex video.

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