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Exactly the same moles were with me.
And in the lower abdomen, a huge object reared, twined with curly hairs, with a pink head that glistened and attracted the eye.
I looked at my grandfather, and he allowed himself to be considered without any embarrassment.
He stood next to me, waving his hand, striking me, and his cock trembled in front of my face.
And I jerked off with one hand my already strained pisyun.
And shouted at every stroke, but it was already more a game than a whipping.
The rods beat me, but they already brought me rather not pain, but pleasure.
I closed my eyes.
Then came the moment that I had never experienced before, my cock tightened to such a magnitude that it seemed to burst now, I began to slow it down faster and faster, and at that moment, something exploded inside of me and I felt such pleasure which could only be compared with death.
Some sticky liquid spilled on my fingers.
I thought that my grandfather saw me dead, but laughter came up next to me, opening my eyes, I saw my grandfather.
He stood beside him and stroked me on the ass that had just been torn off, and his back.
I suddenly wanted to touch grandfathering moles.
I looked into the eyes of my grandfather, and then rushed into his arms.
I cried, and he gently began to kiss me on the lips, dropping, kiss for a kiss lower and lower.
Just touching my lips to my nipples, and then greedily sucking on them.
Touching lips alternately to one, then to another mole.
I felt my cock tighten again.
And grandfather caressed me with his rough hands, with blue anchors on his left hand.
Tears ended, I began to kiss, grandfather, his strong arms, hairy chest and the same moles as mine.
He looked at me, and quietly repeated – So, so, boy.
His cock, tensed again, and the head, shone again.
– Touch it, do not be afraid.
I picked up his penis, and he choked with bliss.
– Do it, so will you.

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He took my dick in his hand, and began to masturbate, while he kissed me then in one then another breast, gently nibbling my nipples.
Then he pulled away from me and let me do the same with him.
I just went crazy with pleasure.
I liked to hold his dick in my hand, feeling how each of my movements brings him great pleasure.
I kissed his nipples, which were compressed at the touch of my lips, caressed them with his tongue, and he himself was choking with tenderness.
Then the grandfather, turned me to his ass, put on all fours, and said: – Do not be afraid.
He gently kissed me there, from which I relaxed, then smeared my anus with saliva, and his two fingers.
And then he gently entered me with his fingers.
It hurt me, but I caressed my penis, and suddenly the pain gave way to new pleasure.
My grandfather slowly, and then began to move his fingers faster and faster, my butt became one big paradise, and then my grandfather took out his fingers and I felt how he drives my ass with his dick.
I wanted this hulk to enter me right now, and I caught my grandfather’s term and began to insert it into myself.
Grandfather moaned.
Millimeter by millimeter, he penetrated into me, but I was already on top of bliss and I wanted to absorb it all in myself completely.
I myself sat down on his dick, trying to eat his whole booty.
We moved in one mad rhythm that could not last long.
My grandfather no longer moaned, he just screamed, and more and more he was pushing me on his hot cock.
Then a sharp

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movement entered me until it stops, and his dick ended up on my vyporotoyu back.
Grandfather rubbed for me what spilled out of him.
And he said that so my back will heal faster.
Then he turned me around to look into his eyes, and kissed me.
He never again punished me, so that I would not get up.
I came to him every summer and we slept in the same bed, huddled together, but these are different stories.
I don’t remember why my parents suddenly decided to sew a suit.
I think for the prom, and since the store options were too expensive, I was sent to a friend of a friend, with the hope that everything would be of high quality and inexpensive.
To say that it was absolutely uninteresting to me was to say nothing.
I was not fond of fashionable clothes or girls who could seduce her.
No, I certainly knew all about sex, that it was supposed to be known at seventeen, and almost every day I caressed myself under a blanket.
But my fantasies were quite unusual for a pimply teenager.
It all started with the fact that in the summer, dressing in a booth on the beach, I accidentally noticed someone’s forgotten women’s panties.
Lacy, almost transparent, I took them with trembling hands and flew out of the locker room like a bullet, carrying my jewel. Webcam masturbation amateur.

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