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And then I was struck like lightning: I don’t know anything about a blonde! Even the name! Jumping up, I rushed into my brother’s room.
But this moron also knew nothing about her.
Name is Katya and all.
Even phone numbers.
I met her a few days ago, met a couple of times in a cafe, and today was the first serious date.
Bratelnik completed his story with all sorts of bad words addressed to me.
Naturally, I did not remain in debt and responded in more solid terms.
At this exchange of views ended.
And not because the brother understood his wrong, but because he threatened to go into a fight in which nothing shone to him.
Below me half a head, skinny and in comparison with me, he is punky, brother instead of sports enjoys music and girls.
Well, I was also fond of girls, which did not prevent me from working.
I slammed the door and went to my room.
At first I took Kati’s absence calmly.
There were many such meetings: slept and fled, retaining pleasant memories about each other.
But there was something special in Katyusha that did not allow to forget about her.
Gradually, I began to feel that something was missing.
And then I realized that this tiny little blonde is not enough.
I could not sleep, remembering our only night, gradually falling into depression and depression.
And on the ninth day I met Katya at my entrance.
We looked at each other for about five minutes, paying no attention to anyone.
Then Katyusha ran up to me, I picked her up, and we began to kiss like crazy.
After the first attack, I went home with the blonde in my arms. Watch online movies sex.

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