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Come in three, crumpled.
– Maybe you will leave, uncomfortable somehow.
I say – Ok.
Andrei Ivanych, will I leave? Ol, you have everything, will you help? And you undress.
She went to Oksanka at the registry.
I say – Work is no longer there, maybe you can help me? Ta – With joy.
We go.
Those clearly did not expect, but I stopped nagging.
Olga asked them to weigh, Oksana – to measure, she sat down at the table, to write.
They, of course, dumb, when already three girls staring at them.
The modest Oksanka, foolishly from excitement, except for the chest, for some reason, she measured the volume of the pelvis.
Kolka started to get up when she closed the ends of the ribbon on his pubic hair, I thought her eye would fall out.
Well, I wrote down the figures in the cards, but instead of sending them to the surgeon, I said: – So, now here, one by one, I’ll check for lice.
And they come in turns.
I sit, they have to bow.
I looked at the hair of the first, then slapped on the bottom to the surgeon sent, then the second as well.
The third was Kolka, to whom I had more complaints.
After examining the head, he wanted to leave already, but I said: – Stop, here we look.
And with a squeamish look, a ruler, so as not to touch, I begin to plant pubic hair.
I turned the scrotum to the right to the left, lifted the member, shook.
– Okay, I say – all around! Go to the surgeon.
He turns.
I say: – Listen, why do you have a dirty ass? What was difficult to wash before the inspection? – Yes, I washed, – responds with insult.
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