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I reached for her genital lips, they were wet and hot, I felt like my dick was rising.
She saw it and said.
Well, you touched everything, now it’s my turn.
She knelt in front of me and unbuttoned my jeans, pulled off my underwear.
From there, as if jumped out a tense organ.
The size of it is not big and not small, I think so is 17 cm long and quite thick.
She smiled and said: O my favorite razmerchik.
She pulled off the foreskin and exposed the head and began to lick my testicles.
It was an incomparable pleasure, she passionately licked them and the trunk of the penis

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, purposely not touching the head, and when I was excited to the limit, she clasped her head with her lips and passionately sucked it.
I was on top of bliss, she completely swallowed a member and at the same time licked my testicles, it was obvious that she was not a novice in this matter.
Then she began to quickly and rhythmically sit down on my head and the result was not long in coming, I finished.
There was so much sperm when I used to masturbate. There was a little sperm, a couple of drops splashed like that, and then a whole fountain hit her mouth and she didn’t have time to swallow everything and sperm glass from her lips on her chin.

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She rose from her knees and smiled at me.
And now they went to the bed she said, when we came up she pushed me onto the bed.
Now it will happen, I thought.
She pulled out two handcuffs from the nightstand and chained my hands to the couch.
I helped you and now you will help me, she said with a smile.
I did not have the strength after blow job, I really wanted to tell her that I needed to wait 15 minutes.
But she again seemed to read my mind and said.
You will satisfy me with your mouth.
But I can not Nothing, my dear, I will teach you she said.
I had no choice, I was bedridden and naked.
And she threw off a towel and in front of me opened her beautiful body.
It was perfect, a small but beautifully shaped breast, a flat tummy, a chiselled waist and slightly swollen labia.
She lay down next to me and gently kissed my neck, from such caresses I began to get up again.
Oh dear, you’re back on alert, smiling she said.
Now I want you to taste me.
She knelt just opposite my mouth.
You will use the language as you did in the class, understand? And without waiting for an answer, she sat on my face.
She rubbed at me, I tried to insert the tongue as deep as possible and moved it across its entire hole.
My dick stood with a stake, because of her smell I blew the roof.
Natasha diligently rubbed my nose, periodically completely sitting down on my face.
I did not have enough air, she seemed to mock me.
She didn’t let me breathe and sat down on me again.
This went on for about half an hour.
Then she took my head and strongly pressed her pussy to my mouth, she began to scream, and then she began to beat in convulsions with pleasure. Sexy carmen webcam.

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