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The minotaur easily reflected it with an umbon (4).
The dart thrown by Arivoi punched the skin on the left shoulder and remained stuck.
Did it stick into the flesh? Elatius stopped, anxiously watching the enemy.
But no, the giant sharply jerked his shoulder and the dart fell out.
He punched only a wolf skin.
Elaty threw the shield away, shifted the sword into his left hand, and bending down, grabbed the right dart closest to him from the sand.
– Throw together! He shouted.
– In the hips! Come on! Three darts from three sides at once flew towards the bullhead.
One of them hit the copper edging of the exposed shield and flew off to the side.
The second met with a cudgel: the Minotaur put it forward, covering his right leg.
And only the third, abandoned Arivoi reached the goal.
The edge ripped the skin and a third entered the flesh.
Blood spurted down the giant’s thigh.
But he did not even pay attention to the wound.
Pulling out a dart, the Minotaur roared and suddenly threw his club into Ariva.
Gladiator did not expect such a move.
And besides, taking the throwing darts, he threw the shield, hoping to grab it after, if it comes

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to the melee.
Dubin with terrifying force struck Ariva across the chest.
Bronze breastplate saved him, but the gladiator could not stand on his feet and with a hoarse cry fell on the sand.

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Minotaur rushed to the defeated enemy.
The Iberian was so stunned by the blow of the bludgeon that he did not have time to leap up or roll away to the side.
The minotaur raised its shield and brought the bottom edge down on Ariva’s knee.
A wild cry of pain overwhelmed the crunch of shattered bone.
The amphitheater, until this moment was silent, as if it exploded.
The desperate cry of Elatia “Ariva!” Drowned in the roar of a crowd of thousands of people, distraught by the sight of blood, murder and violence.
The minotaur picked up his cudgel and turned to face Trevas.
A fierce attack by a sword with a bulldog repelled without difficulty.
The giant’s counterstrike was swift.
The knob of a club with a whistle cut the air in two fingers from the head of the gladiator.
With a curse, he jumped back.
Elatius attacked the Minotaur on the right, intending to plunge the sword into his slightly open side, but the giant with an amazing agility for his build dodged.
Ariva shouted and writhed in pain, holding his knee in his hands.
The Minotaur did not allow his comrades to approach him: every time his monstrous cudgel described a deadly semicircle and the Samnites were forced to retreat in order not to fall into it.
The blood continued to drain down the Minotaur’s left thigh, but he still didn’t care for the wound.
(Especially for -) He seemed to be playing with his opponents, mocking them, showing them his contempt and disregard.
Here, seizing the moment, the bullhead again raised his shield and with a sharp blow crushed the moaning Arive three times the knee.
The Iberian, frantic about the pain, doubled over, his mouth covered in bloody foam opened his chest and a silent scream burst out, for the throat of the unfortunate was squeezed by a suffocating spasm.
Furious Trevas, forgetting caution, grief with just one desire, to save his friend from bullying, rushed at the Minotaur with such ferocity that he forced the giant to retreat. Sex video com live.

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