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Arise, show yourself to the girls in all their glory, let them consider you well.
– The Lady already turned to me and again turned to the girls: – If you want, you can even touch it where you want.
I got up and turned to them in all its glory: with a pin and a bead on the penis, sticking out almost at the level of their faces.
One of.
they were immediately greatly embarrassed and turned away, pulling her friend along with her, but she was in no hurry to leave.
Wait, Masha, aren’t you interested? Look what’s on his pussy! – She turned her friend back and turned to the Lady: Can I really touch it? Of course! – Mrs. pulled me a member even closer to the girls.
– You can even tickle him like that by the balls! – And Mrs. stretched out her hand and tickled my testicles, which made me twitch and giggle.
The girls smiled and grew bolder, and I had to stay in the role of a slave in the slave market, while the three of them felt and examined me from head to toe.
How nice it was! Be naked and helpless in front of three dressed women who can do whatever they want with you! I couldn’t even dream of anything more! But Mrs. probably decided that I had enough for today, and said: Well, okay, girls, that’s enough for today.
We have to go, so see you.
Maybe see you later! Finally, each of them pulled my cock, and they retired along their own path, and we headed the other way.

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I, having breathed the full lungs of air, exhaled loudly.
The ability to think gradually returned.
Madam turned to me: I think today is enough walks.
Well, did you like it? In my opinion, for the first time everything turned out perfectly.
We, without haste, walked along the path, and a minute after that meeting with the girls again began to forget that I was going completely naked, taking the situation as completely natural.
Suddenly, about ten meters ahead of us from the side trail, a couple came out of our path and, without looking back, walked in front of us.
However, now I simply noted this fact as almost nothing unremarkable, except that the woman’s figure was excellent.
You were absolutely right, Madam, I really enjoyed the walk.
Moreover, now I am starting to perceive the whole situation as completely natural.
Well, it seems like I am walking naked and with a dick between my legs, but it seems to me that everything is fine and that is how it should be.
But no, I want to see more people pass by now so that everyone can see me like this! So let’s just get their attention! Sorry, can you tell me what time it is? – Mrs. turned to the couple, walking in front of us.
My heart went to my heels again.
this is not some third-graders

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, it is adults, and even one of them is a man! Something will be now.
However, the woman turned: Twenty minutes past one.
– She replied, taking her eyes off the clock.
And only then noticed me.
But her reaction, contrary to my expectations, was completely different.
having measured me with a rating glance, she smiled, showed me a thumb in an approving gesture and turned back to her companion.
Many thanks, – Mrs. turned to me.
– Well, how? It was unforgettable! – I was just immensely happy because my dreams suddenly began to come true by themselves, and even in the most interesting variants! Sex online play.

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