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Samhar grinned and signaled his soldiers to tie the girl.
Knowing who they were dealing with, they did not stand on ceremony, and simply turned it off with a strong blow to the head.
– Hey, are you alive? – voice Samhara broke through unconsciousness and instantly led her to himself.
– Get up, stop wallowing.
Idivia barely opened her eyes and shuddered in horror.
She lay on the bed completely naked, and above her, leaning on her hand, rose like a rock, Samkhar.
– My warriors, as always, overdid it.
Instead of just tying you up, they almost killed you.
Well, okay, you’re familiar with this.
– It would be better if they killed me.
– Idiviya hissed and tried to get up, but the powerful hand of Samhara threw her back with such force that she had darkened eyes.
– Lie and do not make me hurt you.
I do not want to fight with you in bed.
“You’re too pretty for that.”
– As if to confirm his words, he touched her cheek with a finger, lifted his chin and looked into his eyes.
– In the last battle I could kill you, but did not do that.
– Why? – Because I remember everything that happened to us in our youth.
You have sunk into my soul a proud, invincible Amazon.
I want you to give me a son.
– Well, I do not.
– She tried to jump, but again was on the bed pressed by his hand.
– I’d rather die.

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“Perhaps, but only after getting bored with me.”
She was ready to tell him everything she thinks about this, but this was not part of the man’s plans.
With the agility of a tiger, he darted forward and covered her with his body.
Holding her hands firmly above his head, he bent down and touched her lips with his lips.
The girl jerked as if he had hit her, but he was ready for this.
He bent again and dug into her lips with a hard, insistent kiss.
His lips crushed tender flesh.
– Open your mouth.
– He demanded, but then he realized that the girl was likely to do exactly the opposite, squeezing her cheekbones with his hand.
His mouth opened and he finally penetrated his tongue.
Ideavia protesting began to whine, but the language of Samhara began an ancient dance of love, and she suddenly felt warmth spreading somewhere in the lower abdomen, which spreads all over her body.
It was so nice and.
it is unusual that she was confused.
The man’s lips stopped tormenting her mouth and moved from the beginning to her cheek and then to her neck.
He kissed her greedily, fiercely dropping lower and lower.
“How sweet you are.”
– Choking with passion, whispered a formidable warrior, caressing little nipple peas.
– Many years have passed, but I still could not forget how your body melted in my arms.

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did you remember me? – Not! – Idiviya lied, trying to force herself to push Samkhara away, but the stubborn body seemed to live its own life.
For some unknown reason, her fingers buried into his hair and gently massaged her head.
The man made a terrible roar and looked up from her chest, looking into his eyes.
“I know that you’re lying just to piss me off.”
Your body is smarter than your tongue and it tells me something completely different.
– I was your only man.
– Yes, – she reluctantly agreed, having come to the conclusion, you should not annoy Samkhara. Sex online indian.

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