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Actually, he had already filed such an application before.
But then, for the first time, the party members under the terrible eyes of the authorities condemned him “an attempt to desert”, “chase after a long ruble.”
And now again.
How many wolves do not feed, he looks into the forest, ”the department head Yemelyanov said, annoyed, signing the statement.
It’s a pity that you are leaving us, Leonid Mikhailovich, ”Osadchaya told him when they were alone in the room for a moment.
– We will miss you.
Do you know my phone? He suddenly asked.
– If you call, I will be glad to hear what you have new.
And in general.
Maybe more see you later.
Decide to pack up and think about me, invite.
For some cases, she had to go to the medical unit on the same day.
Your Kanunnikov with a detour sheet came here, – she heard there from a nurse.
– Sorry.

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The guy is needed! A womanizer is still one! Womanizer? What else! It would come, it used to be, with the eyes of a zyrk-zyrk, as if stripping to a goal and evaluating.
Often he was with us? Anything with health? No, it seems.
Once I just had to tinker with him when, in the order of medical examination, it was necessary to probe the stomach, but he could not swallow the rubber hose with the amygdala at the end.
So it was not possible to take from him for the test gastric juice.
And what else did he need from you? Yes, most often he came in the morning and asked him to give him something not to sleep.
Hmm, he really often complained that he had not slept again.
And how did you help him out? They gave caffeine, one, and sometimes two ampoules.
And he immediately became fresh as a cucumber.

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What caffeine? I would ask for something else, I would not refuse.
“I probably would, too,” Osadchaya silently agreed with her then.
And now, getting out of the bathroom, she wipes dry with a towel and preens in front of a mirror.
It would be necessary to go to the hairdresser and make hair, but yesterday it could cause unnecessary questions from her husband, and today it is too late.
Yes, the face is not particularly attractive, the skin is not satin, the cheeks are a little puffy and flabby.
Powers them something a little ?.
Now let’s tweak the eyelashes and eyebrows.
Paint your lips, again a little bit.
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