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Kolka was indignant: – Come on! Pussy have pussy! I would not lick.
– Well I do not know.
If she sucked me, I probably would lick her.
– having said this, I myself was surprised that now I so easily admit that no normal kid would ever admit it.
Kolka grinned, scooped up some water in a basin, sat down beside him and began to soap himself.
I followed suit.
– And count it up, – he said, – she will take nasyt in your mouth while you lick.
– You are an idiot! – I laughed, rubbing my belly with a soapy washcloth.
“Although, I recently found one tape from Bati, so there the man specifically asked a woman to have Nassal in his mouth.”
– Oh, on FIG? – Kolka made big eyes.
– Is he a moron? – I do not know.
But while she was pissing him in his mouth, it was clear that he was going to get fucked up as he was being dragged from it.
– Fuck! “It was obvious throughout that that shocked him.”
– Yes, garbage it! In porn and not see this.
– Have you seen her a lot? – Yeah.
Dad my many haunds her home.
Yes, and all different.
– Well, then tell me what else you saw? – Kolka’s eyes lit up.
He even stopped bathing, lay on the boards propping his head with his left hand and opened his mouth, anticipating.
– Yes, I say, a lot of things.
– and began to list.
– For example, often in the ass chick fucked.
Sometimes even two men: one in the pussy, the other ass.
– Why in the ass, then? – Well, how do I know? Like the women probably.
“And often lesbians are shown in porn,” I continued.
“I like to jerk off on them the most.”
– to someone? Lebezyanok? – You yourself lebezyanka! – I screamed, and Kolka was embarrassed.
– Lesbians are women who love other women to lick! – I was still very proud of my superiority over Kolka.
Kolka still did not understand.
– This is both among men pidarasy, and among women.
– I continued to explain.
Now it dawned on him, he was embarrassed again.
– Yes, I’m not a fool.

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I just did not know that they are so called.
“Now you’ll know,” I laughed.
And now, my friends, I tell you so.
I love this moment when the boy just finished.
He is so ticklish, if you touch the head, that he really doesn’t know where to go and passionately implores the head itself not to touch it.
It lasts for all in different ways, somewhere for a minute or two.
And here I am mocking them in full.
While you drive with two fingers along the stem, the boy still suffers, but still tries to squeeze his knees to his chest.
But when you touch the bastard, he begins to move the pelvis so actively.
And a segment.
the segment tries to pulsate.
It is evident that, on the one hand, it does not seem to hurt him, but on the other, something like tickling.
You can touch in two ways: either through the foreskin or the open head.
So, if you want to deliver a little pain to the child along with the tickle, then just blunt the head and turn it with dry fingers.
At the same time, first grab the prick with your fingers on the right and left.
He will still suffer.
But it can scream. If you don’t want to hurt, then fingers should be poured and not squeezed, but simply stroked the head.
So I fumbled over this seven-year-old: two or three frictions with my fingers along the stem up and down, exposing the head, then lifting the foreskin so that it covered the forehead, and pulled the last through the skin of the penis.
Wow, how did he spin around me.
But I could not escape because his legs were covered with my body and with my second hand I held his chest.
It seems to be not painful, but he obviously didn’t want to continue, all whispered: “don’t, don’t.”
But I love it so sometimes I scoff at the boy if I brought him to orgasm.
Having mocked at the terminated segment, I again had the idea that maybe he was fucked in the ass.
“Zade feet, hold your knees.”
I spat on his point and dipped my finger in the saliva.
“In short, listen here.
I’ll stick your finger right now.
If you compress your ass, it will be very painful for you.
Therefore, it is better to do as if you were shaking.
Understood? “When I started poking his finger, he arched and whimpered.
Further the phalanxes in the ass simply did not go.
I vytashil, spat again, stroked the point a little, and, waiting for the boy to relax his anus, sharply stuck him almost the entire finger.
Fuck, how did he howl! I immediately covered his mouth with his hand.
“It hurts, uncle, it hurts, do not.
Let me better suck.
I will suck well. ”
To be honest, I didn’t have anal experience at that time, but I heard that you need to first develop your ass, otherwise you can break your gut.
And it almost always peretonit that fawn, because it often ends in death, “And you never fucked in the ass?” “No” “And where I learned to suck,” “Dad drunk two

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