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Three hundred thousand, I will give you cash now, if you run out, I will give more, do not worry.
You can spend as much as you want and as you like.
They talked a little more about all small things and started to get together for a trip to the city.
Katerina said: First, we will go to the bank, and then we will stop at work, see what happens with your office, call the builders, you yourself will give them the amount of work, do as you like, and then I want to sit with you something in a restaurant.
I agree, just go on my car.
Kate, smiled and said: Let’s go on yours, especially since I haven’t gone to her yet, and the car is really smart.
After dressing, they got into Olgin’s car and drove to Moscow.
Having decided all things in the bank, they came to the office.

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Taking with them the secretary Lena, they entered the future office of Olgin.
Kate told Lena: Now Olga Borisovna will explain what to do to you, you will call a brigade of highly skilled workers, let them see the amount of work, tell the deadlines.
From the pantry you need to throw out all the trash, break it, put a partition and make a rest room with a shower and toilet.
Let them estimate how much it will cost.
and tomorrow I will report the results.
Olga explained to Lena how she wanted to be in the office, Lena wrote down all the instructions and wishes to herself in a notebook.
Olga and Catherine went to Katin’s office.
Ekaterina Alekseevna told Lena to bring them coffee.
Having dealt with the current affairs, Katya invited Olga to enter the rest room.
I already missed you my love and I want you.

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I, too, – said Olga Lena, do not let anyone in, we are busy.
They lay down on a leather sofa and began to caress each other.
Again, their bodies intertwined, and for a long time they could not tear themselves apart.
Katya, I am so hungry, and you are so delicious.
I want to eat you too. They both laughed.
Olga loved to drive a car, especially in this car, the maximum comfort was made for the driver.
She had little experience in driving, but she was driving quite tolerably through the busy center of Moscow.
Arriving at the restaurant, on Bolshaya Bronnaya, the car parked, the girls entered a massive glass door and descended the stairs that were rapidly falling down.
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