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The rest of the day was spent in working troubles, and the boss no longer disturbed her.
In the morning of Thursday, Lesya was waiting for the usual message already, but Victoria was not announced.
Strange, but it even somewhat surprised the girl (in a few days she managed to get used to the boss’s tricks).
Hours were replaced by hours, and SMS did not come – Olesya was constantly distracted from work, looking at the phone (did she not accidentally miss new instructions).
But the mobile phone was silent.
At two o’clock the girl sent her photo again, but even after that there was no answer.
She had already begun to think that Victoria was out of fantasy and that she would eventually leave her subordinate alone.
“Today you should sleep well.
Tomorrow our game comes to an end.
But do not think it will be fast.
I have a surprise ”- read the girl, leaving the office and heading home.
This message scared Olesya.
“What did this pervert come up with this time?” She thought, trying to calm her heart pounding.
After what had already happened, she was ready to move almost everything, so that it would stop.
Lesya suddenly realized that this week she practically did not think about Alexey and Maxim — Victoria took all her attention and emotions away.
But the husband arrives on Saturday, the mother-in-law returns to her and everything returns to normal.
Except for herself, because after all the events she can no longer be the same.
All Friday since morning Olesya, as on pins and needles, sat in the office in anticipation of news from Victoria.
She could not really do anything, because her thoughts still led her to the upcoming “surprise.”
In their firm, as in

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most others, Friday is abbreviated afternoon (although not every).
Probably, therefore, the message of the following content – “A black-toned jeep is waiting for you near the entrance to the office” – came from the boss at 16:30.

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Olesya looked out of the window, on the sidewalk in front of the stairs, leading to the office was parked a wet asphalt-colored cruiser.
The girl shook her chilly, goosebumps running down her back — Victoria’s idea remained a mystery to her.
However, it is too late to deny now, so much has already been done.
There is no choice: Olesya grabbed her purse and left the office.
When she approached the car, the rear door opened.
Inside sat Victoria and smiled poisonously, looking at her like a cat on a mouse.
Lesia paused for a few moments, but then still sat in the backseat and slammed the door behind her.
The boss was dressed in a light summer dress, favorably emphasizing her charms.
Victoria put her long golden hair in a ponytail at the back of her head, which made her skinny face look even more predatory.
Hi, honey.
She purred, pulling a strip of black fabric from behind her back.
“You don’t have to see where we’re going, so I’ll tie your eyes.”
With these words, she threw the cloth on Olesya on her head, taking away from the girl the opportunity to see what was happening.
Lesia felt a slight panic attack, but coped with herself and kept silent.
She did not stir, and when Victoria’s nimble handle lifted her skirt to make sure that the girl complied with her instructions and did not wear panties.
The boss grunted with satisfaction, convinced of the obedience of her subordinate, and ordered the driver to drive.
The road was quite long, although blindfolded (being in easy prostration) it is difficult to keep track of time, especially when there is uncertainty ahead.
At some point they suddenly stopped, Victoria got out of the car, and then Olesen opened the door.
Gentle hands helped her – do not see – to get out on the street.
The car immediately started up and the engine noise began to move away.
Around it smelled of greenery, a light aroma of flowers was in the air, mixing with Victoria’s perfume, the wind rustled with leaves — Lesia decided that they were somewhere outside the city.
She was led somewhere, then the door opened and she went again, guided by her boss.
Finally, they stopped.
Finally! And now let’s start the fun.
– Victoria promised meaningfully and began to slowly undress Olesya.
Flew off somewhere in the direction of a business jacket, followed by shoes, then a blouse.
When someone unbuttoned her bra, she reached for her head to take off the bandage, but someone else’s hands grabbed her wrists and lowered them down, while someone else still got her off the bra.
Anxiety increased in her with a new force (it became apparent that Victoria is not here alone).
After the bra, Olesya was freed from the skirt, and now she stood completely naked in front of people unknown to her. Online sex movies free to watch.

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