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Roman’s palms began to greedily wander along the inflated ass, then spreading these magnificent buns around, then squeezing them between themselves and short, each other.
Having played enough, his fingers shifted the panties from the buttocks, and circling around the hot anus, sank even lower to the main source of pleasure.
Lera spread her legs wider, giving free rein to her husband.
She was already all fluttered when the fingers of her beloved man touched her innermost place, smearing the desired moisture.
Her hand involuntarily seized the over-stressed member, whose head also shone from the grease that had come out, and began to move the skin over the entire long organ.
Meanwhile, his two fingers had already penetrated the kindled womb and made rhythmic movements, from which there was a slight squish of the pussy filled with an abundance of love juices.
Lera began to squat, trying to take in more and more.
Captured by such pleasure, she already flew from the stimulation of her genitals, and her beloved husband.
– Roman, don’t torment, take me! How do you want to take it! I can not take it anymore! I really want to feel you there! She pleaded.
Lera turned her back to her husband, taking off her panties to the knees, and leaned over, putting her hands on the hood.
Putting her snow-white hemispheres on display, which even in this position remained rounded, she turned them around, beckoning with her kind of beautiful butt.
From the movement of her butt, her swollen doors were rubbing between themselves, gliding in copious juice, and urging her husband to take immediate and decisive action.
The novel slowly began to enter into the hot bosom of his faithful tense cock, feeling how he enters, pushing the elastic walls of the vagina.
A groan of pleasure escaped Lerochka’s lips when she felt the fullness within herself.
Her pelvis leaned towards the man, wanting to take his penis up to the uterus.

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Putting his hands on his hips, he spread her legs, as far as the panties taken off her knees allowed, in order to plunge deeper into the hot bosom of his bloated head, which, like a piston of a car, did not cease to move into the flowing hole.
Roman relished every motion member inside.
Then, sinking, then starting a movement, he began to frantically beat the pussy of his beloved wife, so that Leraka’s thighs trembled from the blows of man’s hips with a specific sound, and heart-rending moans flew from his lips.
It seemed that this time he decided to test all his knowledge about the technique of sex, gained in the process of family life.
Lera has already lost track of time, she wanted this furious member to infinitely and for a long time fill it all inside.
She wanted to feel the strong hands of her husband at the waist, hips, breasts, so that these hands would squeeze and stroke her whole body.
Roman telepathically jumped at the desired boobies, and began to tear her up like a last bitch with furious force.
His movements with his pelvis became powerful, deep, sweeping, and each push inward caused a whining moan from his chest.
Lera felt like a surrendering animal female, ready to receive and surrender, surrender and accept.
And soon a powerful orgasm covered her head.
In response, she only managed to say: – Romchik beloved, cum into me, I so want to give birth to one more baby from you! We will certainly have a girl! M, M, M! A, A, A! Roman’s movements accelerated, and the orgasm continued with a new force.
Her vagina began to shrink convulsively, clasping a member of her husband and, as if catching this fine line between reality and non-being, into which he plunged, Roman began to cum, pouring powerful portions of semen into the hot hole of his wife.
From such a discharge, he barely kept himself on his feet, realizing with triumph that he had managed to bring his half to distraction.
Liverlessly holding Lera’s limp body on his hands and on his penis, which continued to steam in a hot and humid vagina, Roman realized that he might lose his distrust of his beloved wife.
He showered with grateful, tender kisses her neck and shoulders, gently supporting her

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breathless body while she slowly came to her senses.
– Did you like it? Roman asked.
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