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For us, this is a common thing, to drink a bottle of beer for frank conversations.
We lay on the bed and drank beer and talked about girls.
Word for word, and brother offered to watch porn and jerk off together, like in the old days.
My brother and I shared a computer and I kept hidden files of transsexual porn videos on it.
In the older years, this topic started to get me started.
I terribly liked to look at porn trances and was very very excited.
Apparently, those thoughts from childhood were realized in a new light, about what I liked in the porno role of women, how lovers they fuck, end up in their mouth, ass and other places.
I liked to imagine myself in their place, to feel like an obedient slut in the hands of a lecherous cable.
I don’t know how drunk brother found these files, but having turned and looked, he sat silently for a long time.
I was terribly ashamed, but I could not help but notice that my brother was excited from watching.
This was followed by a dialogue with my brother: B – Mmm.
Where did all these videos come from and why didn’t I see them before? I – This is mine (I answered with reddening on my face) I shook and watched, and then hid what would anyone find “Does it make you like that porno? I am, well .
For some reason, I like such trances with beautiful female bodies and a surprise between the legs. “Yes, I didn’t know brother all this time about your inclinations, but I cannot condemn, yet my brother and everyone has the right to their sexual preferences. finished and there was a slight silence. Mibik online sex.

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