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Natasha spread her legs wider.
– Spread your lips with your lips, just be careful.
Misha nevertheless tried his best to satisfy his mother.
The idea that he licks her pussy, brought him to the very top of arousal.
– Yes! Yes! BUT! BUT! A-A-A-A-A! – Natasha screamed with all her might.
Her orgasm lasted more than five minutes.
This she has never experienced in her life.
Victor was staring hard at the screen.
What was happening on it was hard to believe.
A few minutes later, this little bastard inserts a member into her mother, and then Natasha becomes a criminal offense (for some unknown reason, only vaginal sex was considered to be an incest in Germany), and Victor will receive an additional means to put pressure on his victim.
Victor was not mistaken.
Natasha was clearly not going to stop there.
Her vagina was filled with blood and so excited that it seemed one touch to him could cause a cascade of orgasms.
– Yes.
Now come to me.
Close on me.
Natasha by then was all red and wet.
She put Mishin cock in her bosom, tightly wrapped his legs in his waist, gently bit his ear and whispered: “Come on, fuck me.
Fuck as much as you can. ”
Misha began to perform progressive movements with his pelvis, gaining more and more speed.
Three minutes later, he and his mother had finished almost simultaneously, groaning loudly and frantically clinging to each other.
There was so much sperm that it would have been enough for at least four trips to the sperm bank.
Gently hugging each other, Natasha and Misha kissed each other for a long time and caressed each other until they finally fell asleep. Male sex webcam.

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