Living sex toy delivery episode 1.

Living sex toy delivery episode 1.
And only in the evening, sitting in the kitchen and drinking beer with a cigarette, I remembered.
I was covered in snot and tears.
My Kitten explained everything very popularly to me that we have no future, that this person takes him with him to Europe, that there he will have a happy and secure future.
One of my buddies then suggested that I get acquainted with this Igor and brought me to him.
Three years, three years! Well, remember, old snag! What did you have three years ago? So it was in 1999.
I remembered a year for my little tragedy – I lost my lover then, he left me and left for a rich life! Come on! He came up to the fussing guy and hugged him by the shoulders! – Wait! Do not need tea! He threw back his head and laid it on my shoulder! I opened it and kissed the host.

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His mouth opened gratefully, letting my tongue penetrate! I opened my unknown friend and our lips met again.
He kissed great! I hugged him by the shoulders and began to squeeze them in my hands, then slowly began to unbutton the buttons on his shirt, and he began to pull off my sweater.
Again our lips parted, and we began to help each other get rid of the excess clothing that had become so superfluous.
He unzipped my pants and began to abruptly, with the shorts down.
I squatted down and began helping me to release my legs that were tangled in my legs.
My dick stood up and began tapping him on the head.
The guy lifted his head, grabbed my cock and asked in a hoarse voice: – Can I? And having waited for my nod, I still had to undermine, I thought weakly, and sent it into my mouth.

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Blowjob, he also did great! I was already close to orgasm, but somehow I didn’t want it to end.
I tore it from the member, raised and turned his back to me! He turned his face to me, on which I saw a HAPPY smile, nodded to me, and then, with his hands on the table, he slightly pulled out his butt! I began to caress his silk back and cover her with kisses.
He handed me a tube of baby cream – hurray! Go on taking the bastion! At first he cried out, when I hardly penetrated his hole, tight and virgin, for a long time nobody seemed to be there – and it began! He moaned, whispering sweet words mixed with curses, I snuffled and sweated!
Living sex toy delivery episode 1.

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