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There was a wild cry, and clinging to him fiercely, and while scratching his neck, Margarita panicked on it.
As soon as he realized what had happened, he immediately grabbed Margaret, who was beating under her arms, and lifted her, releasing her vagina from his cock.
Margarita, stopping the scream and clutching the crotch with both hands, fell sideways on the bed.
Timur looked around in dismay – behind the wall, still, the music thundered and, it seems, no one heard a scream there.

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Sasha sat looking frightened at his sister.
– Well, how is that? – timidly asked Timur.
– Painfully? Are you hurt? – O-oh! – Margarita gasped out, – I’m sorry, I could not resist, – strangely enough, though a little painful smile was on her face.
– Let me have a look, – Timur decided that so far no one will call for help.
Margarita again lay on her back and spread her legs.
Timur went down and began an improvised gynecological examination.
At first glance, everything was in order.
He expected to see blood, but the girl’s vagina turned out to be completely clean, except for her discharge, from which the labia and clitoris gleamed.
– And can you, you still lick it, – Margarita asked, – honestly, it almost did not hurt me.
I was just scared.
Timur scratched his head, and then, nevertheless, stuck to her crotch.

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He carefully licked every detail of her small vagina, from which Margarita again became excited and crawl her ass.
Finally, Timur calmed down.
He did not find any negative consequences of his experience and decided that it was worthwhile to continue.
– Well, if so, then maybe, after all, will you try Sasha’s member? – he asked.
– And maybe, all the same, yours? – Margarita did not let up.
But Timur shook his head and beckoned Sasha to himself.
He had long been ready for action.
His teenage member stuck out and wanted to be put at least somewhere.
He took a position between the legs of his sister and began to enter into his penis.
At first, it went without complications.
Sasha put his dick in half, but Margarita only breathed often and did not show other signs of anxiety.
Timur nodded his head, and Sasha continued to move inward.
Margarita quietly groaned, but Sasha was already unstoppable.
He completely plunged into his penis and now fucked his sister in full! Margarita stroked his back and jerked her ass to the beat of his movements.
It seems that everything went smoothly.
Suddenly, Sasha whined and pulled out a member of his sister.
On her tummy, immediately, fraternal sperm was spilled.
Margarita smiled widely at Timur.
“It wasn’t even painful at all,” she said, sitting on her ass and peering between her legs, “and there is no blood,” she added, puzzled.
Timur also sat down and looked into her vagina.
There was really no blood, and it was strange.
As far as Timur knew, after the rupture of the hymen is usually bleeding.
And here.
– Maybe I somehow unexpectedly already broke it? – Margarita said, – I sometimes entered all sorts of objects there, but I do not remember anything like that.
“Anything can happen,” Timur commented.
He heard that there are girls without any sex.
Perhaps it was just such a case.
– Can we try it now? – Margarita asked again. Live sexy viedos.

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