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She marked her consent with silence and did not withdraw her hands, which he continued to kiss while climbing her up.
Gradually, his hands were on her soft chest of the second size, and he was already near and the fingers of his sinewy hands were sifting through her smooth lacquered brown hair hanging slightly below the shoulder and curled at the ends.
“You are a painted brunette, and I like painted brunettes,” he said, and with a developed palm she kissed her small skull passionately.
While the kiss lasted, his hands went around her camp, waist and buttocks.
Oh, and the waist was not.
– When I see your soft plump ass behind me, I am ready to bite her, he whispered.
He got up and led her by the hand into the room, Olga grabbed with her other hand from the table her little black leather lady handbag.
In the room by the door was a small devan-bed folded.
Alexander pulled Olga to himself and distorted himself, lifting up the hem of her dress and feeling her buttock, puffing like a steam-wreck: – Olya, my girl, I want you right here and now.
-and began to pull her onto the couch.
“Shh,” she said, stretching her plump lips and putting her index finger to them. Turning to him, she lifted the hem of her dress, lowered her panties to her knees with both hands and took out a tampon between her legs.
Without saying anything, he rushed headlong to the door of the room, turned the key, which he took out and hid it on the cabinet.
“Why did you do that,” Olga said, “open it, I’ll probably go.”

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But he silently grabbed her from behind and fell on the sofa.
Olga said with firmness in her voice: -Let me go, I do not want, In her right hand she had a tampon and a handbag of the left she tried to push Alexander away, but the forces were not equal.
He crushed her like a partridge with his powerful hands.
With sharp movements, he pulled the dress from the back above his head, so that it all gathered in front under the bust.
Having crushed her soft protruding belly, Sanya unhooked Olga’s buttons at the top of the dress and rounded the bust, then pulling off the top of the bra, she released two tits and began to play with them.
Already weakened but continuing to wriggle in order to free herself from the hug Olga continued to quietly repeat: “I don’t have to do this, I beg you, I want to leave.”
Sanya stroking her writhing cool hips lowered Ole pants below the knees.
He took her left leg and pulled her to the chest so that the pants would not break. Olya stopped moving her legs.
And then glancing down she froze, there was an enormous fat horseradish about twenty centimeters long, at least in her former friend, he was two times less.
Then she felt someone’s strong fingers penetrate her hole between her legs, stretch it.
Alexander slowly began to insert her into the gap behind his penis.
Millstone came, and faster, sharper.
Sanya penetrated the girl deeper.
His hands then squeezed her

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waist, as if holding on to the handrails, then caressed her belly and boobs like pads.
The guy whispered in his ear, not breathing evenly: – Hush, Olga, I’m careful, girl, I love you, Olechka squeeze more, a little left.
When the shocks turned out to be stronger and the rod rested against the limiter Olga cried out in pain, each time she felt as if the train drove into her stomach.
After a strong jolt, she temporarily fell out of consciousness, but came to herself when the guy began to bite her in ecstasy, then for the tit, then for the neck.
Olga screamed and cried, but things were coming to an end and she felt a shot inside herself began to fill her with a liquid, Ole thought that she would be filled all to her head. Live nude girls full.

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