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however, it was enough to do this, and medical cosmetics would remove all dryness, turning Nastya into an 18-year-old girl in the prime of beauty and youth.
But Nastya did not take care of herself.
No, she was not a slob – beautifully dressed, finely and tastefully painted, – but the cult of her own beauty was alien to her.
The most amazing thing that happened in Nastya is her smile.
She was not something that was hyper-sexual or sensual — no, she was just very sincere, warm, like a sunny day — and very childish.
Nastya smiled like peasant children in old paintings, and looked something like them: big green eyes, long blond curls of such a hue as if they were burnt out in the sun — they remained that way in winter too; lush breasts, which Nastya hid under closed styles, – but she was so temptingly bursting with fabric.
And most importantly – Nastya was so touching, clean, naive.
it seemed that she had lived the last 15 years of her life in a lethargic dream, and remained a tender child.
I began to think about her. Live nude girls full movie.

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