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And to him, she felt it, too.
But the most important thing was that – she also felt this – he, unlike Alexander, needed it! “Pahan” kept his word – his sidekick left their room, and no longer appeared.
For Alexandra began a quiet, peaceful life.
Where “Pahan” took the money – she was not interested, but he provided her with everything necessary.
in abundance.
Alexander worked somewhere, earned something — Alexander was not interested either.
“Pahan” in their relationship did not penetrate into the soul she did not climb, under Alexander she did not touch.
She had more than once had the idea to talk with him on the topic of her destiny, but every time she did not dare to do this: Pakhan had enough of her own concerns, her grief with interest, why would he need her more misfortunes! But it turned out – Alexander opened her drunk – “Pakhan” knows her whole history from Alexander, therefore she loves her, therefore she regrets, and treats well, trying to somehow ease her life.
He correctly reasoned that they could not live as a husband and wife, and Alexander also could not be expelled.
So they lived in three, without interfering with each other.
Unfortunately, Alexandra, after a year “Pahana” was “swept up” again.
This happened after the “Leader” was released, found at the behest of the Pakhan cronies, they told him about the trouble-free beauty Alexander and the cruel Pakhan, who drove them out of the apartment.
The “leader”, in the zone constantly clashing with the “Plowman”, and having a “tooth” on him, quickly calculated the sources of his welfare, and removed him from the road.
The “leader” brought with him a company, however, a smaller one, out of the three “convicts” who had freed up with him.
It turned out that Alexander at one time owed them too, and could only pay with the body of Alexandra.
The “leader” was angry, rude, caused Alexandra physical pain, forced her to sleep with her boyfriends, depraved, while everyone hooted, gnawed, bellowed, and taught each other how to do it more correctly.

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Alexandra’s mental suffering was still more unbearable than physical.
And weak-willed Alexander, not only did he meekly bear all insults and offenses, he tried so hard to oblige, and looked like a miserable slug.
Alexandra was on the verge of collapse.
There was nowhere to go, it was impossible to live with Alexander, and she could not leave him.
What is he without her? Still – brother! In her head, everything is mixed up.
Once Alexander ran out of breath: overtook his buddies.
Today is the “Leader” birthday, he wants you to show a concert.
What other concert? You undress naked and hide in the closet.
And when they get drunk, I’ll let you out.
You will dance on the table.
He had a miserable, begging look.
What was left to do? Alexandra took pity on him, undressed, threw a robe, but at the last moment, when Alexander went to open the door, grabbed an ax, and jumped into the closet.
The lodgers brought a box of vodka, a snack, and sat down at the table to honor the “Leader”.
They sat for a long time.
They drank, ate, every minute they bawled “Lilac mist.”
Prodoshaya Alexandra thought that they had forgotten about her, but Alexander, as if sensing her thoughts, said: – “Leader”, maybe it’s time to start the concert? Concert.
Concert, it’s time to start, cried drunken voices.
Alexander went to the closet, but it was stopped by the “Leader”: Today it’s your turn.
You all net, but net.

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Today you will fuck your wife.
But then all of us, yes, we, ”he said, and tore off his shirt from Alexander.
– Come on, take off his pants! Pants, pants, – convicts shouted in unison.
But before I fuck you! – cried “The Leader”, who saw the naked Alexander, – you have such a sweet ass, – and everyone happily neighing.
Alexandra heard the cry of her brother.
Opening the closet door, she saw the following picture: Alexander was lying across the table littered with scraps.
The table was narrow, so that his hands hung down on the other side of the table, and his legs were over this.
Behind him stood the “Leader”, and performed his vile act.
His sidekick clapped, walked around the table, dancing the Greek dance “Sirtaki”.
They were all naked.
The “leader” saw Alexander, walked away from the table, gave the command to put Alexander on his feet, led him to the closet: Now it’s your turn, you will fuck her, and we will watch.
Alexandra went cold.
Her chills hit her.
Before her stood her once beloved Alexander, the skinniest of all, the most unprepossessing, the most cowardly, the most humiliated.
Blood trickled down his leg. Live nude girls 1995 full movie.

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