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Finally she stopped shaking, and she fell off onto her side, looking at me with clouded eyes.
I turned and kissed her on the lips, feeling the smell of my cock on them, while she probably felt the smell of her pussy.
Smells mixed, creating a unique cocktail of love.
I kissed everything and kissed her mouth, then I started kissing the whole face, eyes and nose, and everything that met on the way of my lips, I was happy that I gave pleasure to this magnificent little girl, I was overwhelmed with pride.
I remembered fucking with adult women, everything was wrong there, there were experienced chicks who knew what they wanted from me.
And here.
I do not find words to describe my then state.
I saw that on her knees she had fresh abrasions from the stones and thought that she really did not control herself during orgasm.
Irishka, recovering herself, looked at my worth stake.
– Antosha, what about you? You did not finish.
– And do you want, I just pull it and finish it in your eyes? – Of course I want, why do you ask? Live free sex can.

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