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He turned his mother on his stomach and once again admired her.
In this position, she resembled a cello, made by the hands of the great master.
But until mom came to her senses, there was no time to lose.
At the same time, I was thinking not only about myself, but about her, I wanted to give Mommy pleasure.
I slightly opened her buttocks palms.
And he began to lick leisurely up and down along her mother’s anal trough, paying particular attention to the perineum between the anus and the vagina.
I knew this place was extremely erogenous.
It was only now that my mother realized that it was me wielding near her priests.
“No, don’t! This is not good at all, ”she murmured, trying to rise.
– It is impossible, it is impossible!
But Volodya, on his knees near the sofa, held her down, pressing the shoulders with one hand, and the second playing with her mother’s breasts.
And I already did not care.
I have ceased to be an exemplary son, turning into a male with a standing member, seeing in front of me a magnificent specimen of a female.
Then I began to caress her anus with my fast circular movements, not forgetting to breathe hotly so that my heavy breathing excited her even more.
How to smear it with his saliva.
I felt that my mother was so relaxed and so wet that she could accept my index finger.
Gently inserted it, at the same time running the thumb into her vagina.
Added another finger in the sphincter, yet.
Mom started to moan again.
I smeared my stiff cock with some kind of cream from my mother’s dressing table. Live cam sex video.

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