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Bales, bags, all things closely.
I might not have noticed her, but the drunk man sitting through the aisle dozed off and fell to the floor.
Although I was in the headphones, I heard the noise.
Looking up, I saw this frightened miracle.
She was beautiful.
She was about fifty ~ fifty five years old.
Gray-haired blond hair, gray laughing eyes, small lips with a bow.
She was a little taller than my shoulder.
But such a beautiful woman like her I have never seen in my life.
She was a little scared, not by the drunken peasant himself, who, by the way, continued to sleep, but with a crash.
I immediately turned off the music and looked at it.
My face had a concern (in the best sense, of course) the appearance, noticing this, she turned her eyes to me.

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was evident that she had already calmed down, but I still asked if everything was alright with her.
She smiled and thanked me and said that she was fine.
It was this smile that bewitched me, her small mouth, having opened, exposed beautiful white teeth, they were just perfect.
In general, it was the very highlight that complemented the already beautiful picture.
I must say that my sex life can not be called too-active, active.
And at that time I was under the impression of the previous evening, when I still persuaded my girlfriend to do oral sex with me, before that everything was limited to petting.
And imagining how these teeth will be on the head of my dick, barely restrained himself from telling her about it.
You know the expression “mature beauty” always seemed something far away to me, but only after seeing this woman did I realize that no girl I know or would ever meet compare with her.

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In her view there was something from Irina Muravyovy, although I don’t really like this actress, but I respect her, and she first came to my mind.
The same cheerful and slightly playful look.
I do not know, the same thought as me touched her, but she looked very alluring and even flirting.
I thought that I had looked at it for a couple of minutes, but, looking out the window, I noticed to my great regret that I was leaving next.
Realizing that I’ll part with her now, I decided that I would have to recreate my sequel again on the couch, when suddenly she looked out the window and took up her bags! It could mean only one thing: we will leave together.
I let her stand up first to see her figure, her chest was not very big, wide, but not the old woman’s hips were covered with black breeches, the bare parts of her legs were gorgeous.
They were smooth and not wrinkled.
To be honest, two things that I pay attention to are the arms and neck.
Both were great.
Fingers were long and well-groomed, nails covered with gray varnish.
There were almost no wrinkles on the neck.
Only a couple of wrinkles could be seen around the eyes, which gave them a laughing look.
The bags were obviously heavy for her, but I did not dare to offer my help, I was afraid that they might meet her at the station.
To be faithful, I walked behind her to the edge of the platform, where she stopped, putting the bags on the ground.
Looking at her from behind, I realized that her ass attracted me no less than her mouth.
After a moment or two I walked over to her.
“Excuse me.
But can I help you with the bags? “Giving me another smile, she said:” That would be very nice of you, young man. ”
I realized that she, too, stopped for a reason.
But, it seems, she decided to check whether it was not because of my love for people.
“Young man, what about you from the new Timurovtsev,” she said, not removing the smile from her face.
I decided to go for nothing and uttered a phrase that later decided the outcome of the case in my favor: “No, you are simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I just cannot allow you to carry these bags! ” “Well, young man, let’s go.” After a few steps, I said: “Igor is my name.”
“And me, Nadia.”
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