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Look, the neighbor will play around – soon, as usual, you’ll lock yourself up, they say, to tell you that you live next door to a slut from whom her husband goes anywhere on business trips.
Well, something like this.
Interspersed with laughter and mutual flirting and caressing each other, we embraced Tatyana, in the middle, went around our house.
We went to our porch.
I frankly thought that my neighbor, since I had already managed to fuck Tatiana, then quietly and peacefully retire to my apartment.
But it turned out to be wrong.
He told me, with a gesture, showed two buttons.
I specifically hung on his shoulders and skirt, and a blouse – they say, get out with Tatiana’s clothes to his home.
But being already naked, Tatiana began to look for the keys to the apartment in her purse.
Opened the apartment, and the neighbor literally fell in to them, clasping Tatiana below the waist.
And then he raised her in his arms and brought it to the apartment in his arms.
– I can not fuck so much today.
We must wash, make up more.
– You’ll wash yourself in the bathroom with me.
And then he locked herself in the bathroom.
What’s happening? I relaxed into the chair.
“Ah, Tatyana-Tanka-Tanechka,” a neighbor sang playfully singing to the chant — well, in general, the bitch-bitch-slut is now clearing you inside my mother-in-law, my prostitute.
Slaps were heard, and almost immediately after the smacking sounds of sucking kisses.
– Well, come on, push the leg apart.
– Here you will excite and you will regret – Tatyana retorted, cool a little, and while I rub my head with shampoo.
Oh oh oh.
– What’s wrong? Not there stuck? – Yes, you so shave, just-brutalized that I can not get a shampoo on his head, that’s in the eye and hit.
– Well, when a real

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man inserts, it’s better for a girl to close her eyes.
For a while they were there puffing-and-moaning.
Finally, the door opened, or rather someone pushed the door by accident.

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Tatyana was sitting on a washing machine with her legs thrown over Sergey’s shoulders.
She so sincerely tenderly with love on Sergey’s back drove her hands; caressing his shaggy back.
Apparently Tatiana, sparking enjoyed the fact that right now Sergei is descending into her.
She seemed to be looking in my direction, but her gaze was somewhere past me.
– Tanyuha, well, you can not without the audience.
Well, if not all, then at least her husband when fucking show.
With these words, her detached gaze finally focused on my gaze and in the same instant Tatyana broke into an orgasm.
– Yes! Yes Yes!!! Yes Yes Yes!!! I’m all for my husband.
– while she herself took her hands off Sergey’s back and grabbed one of his hands and plunged her whole palm into her tits.
– As I love you, a prostitute, I send you.
All their fuck-ee, blyayaya.
Apparently Tatiana began to issue a member of Sergei with her vaginal muscles.
– Everything, come on, whore’s husband is your turn now – at the same time he just took out his bolt from Tatiana, but he still continued to drive his lips with sexual pangs and Tatiana’s clitoris.
A couple of times, again deepening the prick in the vagina and immediately sticking the head of his penis out.
– Well, what are you doing.
You’re doing some fucking out of me again.
And I’m a lady, my husband and I go to a cultural institution.
“But at the same time, the clitoris itself is bothering itself.
And the handle itself sends the head of his penis again inside his vagina.
Well, not a bit of worrying about the fact that the dick has already lost an erection; Yes, and from the pussy scattered streams of sperm.
Sergey literally threw Tatyana’s legs from my shoulders onto my shoulder.
But Tatiana suddenly woke up and gave out: “no, only after the wedding” and threw her leg off my shoulder.
And next: “Ildarchik – are you not dressed yet? We have to go to the theater in five minutes. ”
All three of us are so bursting with laughter.
It seemed like everything; Well, just any little things cause laughter and joy.
This is very cool: Sergey, who stands nearby, is naked and contented; Tatiana, who is already standing in the shower on half-bent legs, is equally happy with orgasms.
Tatyana washes away the shampoo, which she apparently applied to her head for a long time.
Here I am, who immediately rubs Tatyana’s back with a washcloth.
Good lord Tatiana, which is just that when I fucked man.
Well, this man, Sergey, laughing, comments on all the evil that is happening, cynically and with obscenities.
But from the foul language, Sergey with laughter as well poured, and Tatiana, and I, too.
Tatiana did everything so quickly that I suddenly felt like a turtle, in front of which, like in a kaleidoscope, naked Tatiana rushes back and forth. Japanese webcam orgasm.

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