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Aaa, this is a pantry.
Brooms there everyones, shovels, basins, towels.
You are tugging harder, it’s not closed there, just wedged.
Inside the pantry turned dark and dusty.
– No, Genych, we don’t need this storage room here.
– Oleg shook his head overlooking the room.
– Come on, we’ll build here you know what? – What? – And, for example, a lounge with another sofa! – No, Olezhek, will not work.
The idea is not bad, but where can I get you a sofa? Yes, and closely here.
– Sorry.
We would not hurt.
– Oleg for a second presented how he secluded himself here with Katerina.
– You lip roll up.
– Genk brought him back to reality.
– Maybe nothing will come out of us.
I have such a premonition.
– Genych, you can not be so pessimistic! See, a premonition from him! With this mood just will not work.
So just in case, get out here and some sort of shop.
It will not be worse.
Redevelopment of the pantry took another day.
Genka, fascinated by all these things, nearly started digging a pool in the yard, but Oleg managed to stop him in time.
Katka, from whom her husband’s country enthusiasm did not hide, also appeared there a couple of times and making sure that everything was exactly as he says, calmed down.
The bathhouse, completed and equipped, received a separate praise and wishes to try it out as soon as possible.
Soon, Oleg and his wife were officially invited by Genka to the dacha.
Tatyana, having learned about it, readily agreed with something that somewhat surprised her not expecting such a husband.

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– And what is his dacha?
How many rooms? Where will we spend the night? And what bath? – All the way she pestered.
– Soon you will see.
– Oleg waved.
His thoughts were completely different.
Will it work or not? – he wondered.
Sometimes it seemed that yes, and in a minute – quite the opposite.
An hour later, Oleg finally became entangled in the pros and cons, but then Genkin finally showed up.
The owner, in swimming trunks alone due to the hot weather, opened the gate, passing Oleg’s car.
– Come on let’s go, there is no one to heat the bath! he demanded.
– And what for? – And on my kebabs.
– and having a little taken away the friend aside, whispered – Let the girls while they look around, relax.
Oleg, following his example, having undressed to swimming trunks, took a bath.
It turned out to be a simple matter, but long.
By the time he said that steam was ready, almost everything turned out to be eaten and drunk, a lot of things were discussed, and the women still had time to sunbathe.
– Olezhka, how are you? – Genka slowed him down, letting women go ahead.
– Did not change your mind? He shook his head.
– Then let’s go.

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the dressing room, Tatiana spun around, and Katka was happy to tell her where, what, how, and what her and her husband cost.
It looked as if she was plowing here all the time along with Genka.
– Girls, what are we worth? Get undressed in the steam room, quickly! – What is undressed? – did not understand Katka.
– We have long been ready! – And this? – Genka pulled his wife over the swimsuit.
– What more! – she was indignant, having squinted on Oleg.
Genka glanced at Tatiana and knew from the eyes that she, too, did not share his proposal.
– Well, to hell with you, go like that! – He shook his hand in distress.
Not a ride.
– Oleg said to himself, following Katka.
It was hot inside.
Hot steam swept the incoming so that it caught my breath.
Genka did not spare either firewood or water.
All frivolous thoughts quickly flew out of my head.
There is only one – as if there is not cooked.
Having waved brooms over each other for propriety, the whole company fell back.
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