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So I’m dropping.
– Always the same way? – What are you! I say she is a master.
Not one time has our meeting ever been repeated! – I.
in the ass? – It happens.
– Finish by how many times? – Usually one at a time, but once there are three.
We already feel each other so well that we are ending only at the same time.
To the admiration of his masculine qualities, one more disappointment was added to him as a person.
It turns out that for the headmistress he is not even a call boy – so at least he pays money – he is like a vibrator.
When you need it, turn it on, satisfy yourself, and then turn it off.
And the fizruk himself, it seems, did not worry and did not complex about this.
And what: he was surrounded by delightful, passionate, sophisticated, eager for sex women, one of whom was also his boss – who among men can dream of more ?! But what about male pride, the ability to make decisions, in the end – independence? No, Lisa was looking for someone a little more courageous, and not only in appearance and muscle relief.
Apparently, the cunning Sergievskaya specifically hired a physically and sexually strong, but weak-willed man for the position of Physical Instructor.
None of the teachers will want to associate their family life with this, otherwise the Lyceum will lose two teachers at once.
Moreover, not satisfied with weak and inexperienced schoolchildren, teachers could resort to his services when they wanted.
All women in school (and in the elite lyceum – and even more so) – strong-willed, charismatic personalities, who are able to subdue schoolchildren with their difficult breaking characters.

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Such women, if not despised, but at least indifferent to the “mattress”, men without a rod, relying only on the strength of the muscles, and not on the strength of the spirit.
Lisa suddenly realized that, talking to Yegor and talking about him behind the eyes, all the women were slightly teasing about his role as a submissive male.
The test that Sergievskaya arranged for him and her subsequent “reward”, Sveta’s words (“to have a loving male colleague at hand”) when she called Yegor to her, and the question of Olesya, who appointed him to be an expert on women’s qualities.
But the main thing was not in words, but in attitudes and intonations.
All of them perceived physical training in the same way as the headmistress – as a trouble-free sex robot.
And he either came to terms with this role, or thought that it should be so.
The mystery of Olesya was also almost revealed.
Yes, the Englishwoman was inferior to the rest of the external data and in this sense looked like a black sheep.
But it was her boiling energy, the passion for experiments, the absence of a strict framework of behavior, rebelliousness, even licentiousness — all this attracted both teachers and students, who saw her as a person more than in other teachers.
Liza suddenly realized that both she and Sveta, and even more so

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Alla seem to schoolchildren too prim, strict, correct – even for those with whom they go to bed: after all, they obey the unshakable laws, prohibitions and instructions of their adamant boss against the rest, especially Olesya, looked like a Stalin in a skirt.
And just as they trembled before the leader, and how they bowed before him, and how they feared him, Liza suddenly felt that she, too, was in awe of Sergievskaya.
“Sooner or later she will grow old and leave,” she visited her thought, “whom will she leave instead of herself, who will she make a successor? Not exactly Olesya — she likes to break the rules too much! , but Sergievskaya will not go on such a bold experiment! ”
Lisa wanted to become the same as Nadezhda Georgievna, and from now on she looked at her with the same reverence as she looked at the portrait of Irina Vasilyevna. Hotel camera sex video.

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