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You could imagine yourself a mermaid, you could be a princess, by anyone, but the imagination refused to work, all the while returning to the aching wrists and the scene in the garden.
his strong tanned body, cheeky gray eyes.
Mom always exaggerated: she had no boyfriend.
There was only a friend with whom she slept just once.
She did not like it.
It hurts, shame, and he did not know how to kiss at all.
They did it just out of curiosity and vowed not to do more.
And yet, Alice had always liked beautiful boys before, but they never wanted to have anything to do with her, behaved arrogantly and arrogantly, and she began to dislike them, not even noticing that she had turned into a beautiful girl.

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And she did not tolerate Danya precisely for this reason.
The sun has completely set.
Alice jumped to her feet, getting ready to go home, stumbled and rolled headlong down to the water, scratching her bare hands and face, sand was falling in her eyes.
The height was two and a half meters, almost sheer.
She sprained her leg painfully and fell into the water.
Five times she tried to climb the slope and crawled down the same number of times, crying out in pain.

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Soon, somewhere, an hour later, because of the wet clothes, the girl began to pound her teeth.
In the sky slowly stars were lit.
Alice sat on the sand and burst into tears.
Cold, scary and will they find her? Overnight and stiffen can be.
Fox! She startled, jumped to her feet and immediately screamed, falling.
Liska, are you there? Here! Down below! Danila knelt down and extended her arms to her.
Grab, I will lift.
She sobbed, nodded, carefully stepping over, rose as much as she could along the sand, and firmly grasped his palms.
Danya almost effortlessly pulled her ashore.
Fool! – He snapped.
– I almost turned gray! Alice clutched at him, almost hanging, and burst into tears.
Tears traced silvered paths on her cheeks.
What? What? Leg, she whined.
– I can not go! Lord, I found a problem! Danila picked her up and carried her.
She clung to his checkered soft shirt and sobbed.
Well, do not cry, do not cry.
Scared? Yeah.
Hurts badly? Now fine.
I thought I’d spend the night there.
So cold.
Nothing, now come, I will warm you milk.
I bought a woman Klava evening.
And I brought the honey from the house.
You change your clothes, everything will be fine with your leg.
Yes, do not cry, do not tear your heart! Mom probably valerian liter drank.
Not drunk.
He and his father went to the city, to my mom.
Tomorrow will be in the evening.
I was left behind for the eldest.
Come on, I myself, there is a little left.
Shut up, – he grimaced.
– One chagrin with you! She stopped crying and hugged his neck.
It became warm and calm.
Hey what are you Danila woke up from a movement close by, shook her eyes and stared at Alice, who was climbing under his blanket. Hidden cam naked teen.

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