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From the bungalow there were two exits, one into the garden, through which the girls entered it, and the second to the sea.
The window, the wall and the door offered a beautiful view and a path to the ocean.
The terrace was equipped with a set of furniture: a small table, two armchairs, and two loungers.
From the terrace, several round pebbles led to the tap for washing the feet, after returning from the beach.
Then there were palm trees and shrubs, which hid the bungalow from prying eyes of people walking along the beach (which was hardly visible, because each bungalow had its own beach), and behind the bushes there was a beach and an ocean.
Approximately the distance from the bungalow to the water’s edge was 5-10 meters.
After the bright colors of the ocean, the girls were most struck by the temperature of the water, it was like in a well-warmed pool with sea water.

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They did not experience discomfort even when they just entered the water, and only then did they bathe, as in fresh milk.
After the first water procedures, Catherine and Olga went to explore the island.
For a start, we returned to the pier, from where the acquaintance with the hotel began.
The pier leading to the pier also led to the Italian restaurant, next to which there was a house reef, in which there were a lot of fish.
When Kate first saw it, she said: I will not climb into this aquarium.
But later, she not only climbed into this aquarium, but also spent most of the holidays there, and also took bread from breakfast to feed the fish.
In the hotel except the Italian restaurant, there were also Japanese and seafood restaurants.
There was also a central restaurant where the girls went, had breakfast and dined.

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The food was varied, although Kate expected to see more seafood dishes, but for this, as they were explained, you need to go to a fish restaurant.
For lunch, the girls went to an Italian restaurant, or took a fruit basket at a beach bar, and some cocktail.
Entertainment on the island was not much.
At the disco in the evenings, only Russians and Italians mostly danced, vacationers from other countries did not take part in it.
The main entertainment was – the ocean.
Even all the excursions were maritime orientation.
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