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Alexey offered to rent a car to take a ride on local excursions.
Going into the bureau, after sitting there for a while and leaving there, he asked me: – Can you ride? – I even have rights with myself.
– Then behind the wheel.
without roof
We amicably loaded into the car, men in front, women in the back.
They were already very good friends and chirped about something of their own, while we drove around the surrounding mountains.
Alexey watched a little as I drive and turned calmly and began to entertain our ladies with anecdotes and comments about the surroundings.
It is worth saying that Turkey really has beautiful mountains, among which there are vineyards and orchards.
In the mountains, many streams and waterfalls.
Frantic black kids run around the villages.
And at every corner are merchants.
Enough to roll, we decided to go back and lie down for the rest of the day on the beach.
We flew from the mountains.
The wind ruffled our hair.
On the way back, Aleksey sat back and now Eleanor was sitting next to me. Gay adult webcam.

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